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Vignette meaning in Urdu

Vignette Synonym

Vignette Definitions

1) Vignette, Sketch : مختصر بیان : (noun) a brief literary description.


Useful Words

Chalk Out : خاکہ بنانا , Draft : خاکہ بنانا , Draft : خاکہ , Design : نمونہ بنانا , Depict : تشریح کرنا , Job Description : کام کی تفصیل , Descriptively : تفصیل کے لحاظ سے , Indefinable : ناقابل بیان , Label : نشان , Recital : بیان , Detailing : خصوصیت , Account : تاریخ , Holotype : جانور یا پودے کا نمونہ , Spec : تفصیل , Literati : اہل علم , Compose : تحریر کرنا , Title : عنوان , Essayist : ادیب , Tempest : آندھی , Analecta : ادبی اقتباسات کا مجموعہ , Steed : جنگی گھوڑا , Keynote : بنیادی نکتہ , Castration : خارج کرنے کا عمل , Rosebud : جوان لڑکی , Comparative Literature : تقابلی ادب , Republication : دوبارہ شائع شدہ , Burden : خلاصہ , Fiction : افسانہ , Hazlitt : انگریز مصنف ہازلٹ , Vernacular : بازاری زبان , Classics : قدیم یونان کی ادبیات

Useful Words Definitions

Chalk Out: make a sketch of.

Draft: draw up an outline or sketch for something.

Draft: a preliminary sketch of a design or picture.

Design: the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan).

Depict: give a description of.

Job Description: description of the responsibilities associated with a given job.

Descriptively: by giving a description.

Indefinable: defying expression or description.

Label: a brief description given for purposes of identification.

Recital: a detailed account or description of something.

Detailing: an individualized description of a particular instance.

Account: a record or narrative description of past events.

Holotype: the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made.

Spec: a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work.

Literati: the literary intelligentsia.

Compose: produce a literary work.

Title: the name of a work of art or literary composition etc..

Essayist: a writer of literary works.

Tempest: (literary) a violent wind.

Analecta: a collection of excerpts from a literary work.

Steed: (literary) a spirited horse for state or war.

Keynote: the principal theme in a speech or literary work.

Castration: the deletion of objectionable parts from a literary work.

Rosebud: (a literary reference to) a pretty young girl.

Comparative Literature: study of literary works from different cultures (often in translation).

Republication: something that has been published again; a fresh publication (as of a literary work).

Burden: the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work.

Fiction: a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact.

Hazlitt: English essayist and literary critic (1778-1830).

Vernacular: the everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary language).

Classics: study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome.

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