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وَطَن دُشمَن : Watan Dushman Meaning in English

Watan Dushman in Sentences

He was trojan horse.
Disloyal aides revealed his indiscretions to the papers.

Watan Dushman in Detail

1 of 2) وطن دشمن غدار : Fifth Column Trojan Horse : (noun) a subversive group that supports the enemy and engages in espionage or sabotage; an enemy in your midst.

2 of 2) وطن دشمن بے وفا : Disloyal Unpatriotic : (adjective) showing lack of love for your country.

Useful Words

جاسوس : Counterspy , جاسوسی : Reconnaissance , خفیہ معلومات کا تجزیہ کار : Intelligence Analyst , خفیہ معلومات : Intelligence , جوابی حملہ : Counterattack , حفاظتی اقدام : Security , مارشل آرٹ کا ماہر : Ninja , دشمن جاسوسوں کے خلاف کاروائی : Counterintelligence , تاج ستون : Cap , ذاتی دشمن : Enemy , حملہ : Offence , غداری : Betrayal , غداری کرنا : Betray , واپس آنے کا عمل : Push Back , جنگ : War , حملہ کرنا : Attack , ضبط کرلینا : Sequester , جنگی قیدی : Pow , دشمن کی خفیہ معلومات جمع کرنا : Intelligence , محاصرہ کرنے والا : Besieger , جارح : Aggressive , مشین گن سے گولیاں برسانے والا جہاز : Strafer , اسلہ چلانا : Fire , دشمن سے تعاون کرنے والا : Collaborationist , سامنے لڑنے والا : Front Fighter , محدود جنگ : Limited War , رکاوٹ عبور کرنا : Breakthrough , انتقام : Reprisal , دشمن کی گولی : Hostile Fire , دشمن سے تعاون : Collaboration , گھیراوٴ : Blockade

Useful Words Definitions

Counterspy: a spy who works against enemy espionage.

Reconnaissance: the act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy).

Intelligence Analyst: a government analyst of information about an enemy or potential enemy.

Intelligence: secret information about an enemy (or potential enemy).

Counterattack: an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc..

Security: measures taken as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage etc..

Ninja: a member of the ninja who were trained in martial arts and hired for espionage or sabotage or assassinations; a person skilled in ninjutsu.

Counterintelligence: intelligence activities concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by hostile intelligence organizations or by individuals engaged in espionage or sabotage or subversion or terrorism.

Cap: the upper part of a column that supports the entablature.

Enemy: a personal enemy.

Offence: the action of attacking an enemy.

Betrayal: the quality of aiding an enemy.

Betray: deliver to an enemy by treachery.

Push Back: the act of forcing the enemy to withdraw.

War: the waging of armed conflict against an enemy.

Attack: (military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons).

Sequester: requisition forcibly, as of enemy property.

Pow: a person who surrenders to (or is taken by) the enemy in time of war.

Intelligence: the operation of gathering information about an enemy.

Besieger: an enemy who lays siege to your position.

Aggressive: characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight.

Strafer: a combat pilot who strafes the enemy.

Fire: the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy.

Collaborationist: someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force.

Front Fighter: a person who fights in front of enemy .

Limited War: a war whose objective is less than the unconditional defeat of the enemy.

Breakthrough: a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense.

Reprisal: a retaliatory action against an enemy in wartime.

Hostile Fire: fire that injures or kills an enemy.

Collaboration: act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country.

Blockade: a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy.

Related Words

گروہ : Social Unit , غدار : Disloyal

Close Words

دیس : Habitat , ہجرت کرنا : Emigrate , وطن پرست تحریک کا قائد : Nationalist Leader , قوم پرست : Nationalist , وطن واپسی : Repatriation , وطن ترک کرنا دوسرے ملک میں رہنے کے لئے : Immigration , مقامی جگہ سے دوسری جگہوں پر منتقلی : Diaspora

Close Words Definitions

Habitat: the type of environment in which an organism or group normally lives or occurs.

Emigrate: leave one's country of residence for a new one.

Nationalist Leader: the leader of a nationalist movement.

Nationalist: one who loves and defends his or her country.

Repatriation: the act of returning to the country of origin.

Immigration: migration into a place (especially migration to a country of which you are not a native in order to settle there).

Diaspora: the dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture).

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