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Weeping   Meaning in Urdu

1. Weeping - Crying - Tears : رونا - آنسو بہانا : (noun) the process of shedding tears (usually accompanied by sobs or other inarticulate sounds).

Sob, Sobbing - convulsive gasp made while weeping.

2. Weeping - Dolorous - Dolourous - Lachrymose - Tearful : رنجیدہ - پرماتم : showing sorrow.

Sorrowful - experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss.

3. Weeping - Cernuous - Drooping - Nodding - Pendulous : سرنگوں - جھکا ہوا : having branches or flower heads that bend downward.

The pendulous branches of a weeping willow.

Biological Science, Biology - the science that studies living organisms.

Useful Words

Accompanied : ساتھ : having companions or an escort. "There were lone gentlemen and gentlemen accompanied by their wives"

Inarticulate - Unarticulate : بے آواز : without or deprived of the use of speech or words. "Inarticulate beasts"

Early - Former - Other : قدیم دور کے متعلق : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe"

Process - Treat : ٹھیک کرنا : subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition. "Process cheese"

Desquamation - Peeling - Shedding : جھڑنا : loss of bits of outer skin by peeling or shedding or coming off in scales.

Screening - Showing - Viewing : فلم کی نمائش : the display of a motion picture.

Sob : سسکیوں سے رونا : weep convulsively in sad situation. "She sobbed"

Sorrow : غم : an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement. "He tried to express his sorrow at her loss"

Sound : آواز : the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause. "Voice isn`t getting through"

Bust - Rupture - Snap - Tear : پھاڑنا : separate or cause to separate abruptly. "Got torn"

Commonly - Normally - Ordinarily - Unremarkably - Usually : عام طور پر : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

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