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Whim meaning in Urdu

Whim Sentence

He had a whimsy about flying to the moon.

Whim Synonyms


Whim Definitions

1 of 2) Whim, Caprice, Impulse : خواہش, آرزو, کسک : (noun) a sudden desire.

2 of 2) Whim, Notion, Whimsey, Whimsy : خبط, انہونی خواہش : (noun) an odd or fanciful or capricious idea.

Whimsy can be humorous to someone with time to enjoy it.

Useful Words

Arbitrariness : خود سری , Capricious : من کی خواہش پر , Flighty : من موجی , Arbitrary : من مانا , Adams-Stokes Syndrome : بے ہوشی کا دورہ , Conceptional : خیالی , Bonanza : غیر متوقع خوشی , Below The Belt : نامناسب , Ostrich : حقیقت سے انکار کرنے والا , On The Spur Of The Moment : بے سوچے سمجھے , Itchy Feet : سیروسفر کی خواہش , Afflatus : الہام , Stampede : افراتفری , Impulsive : فطری , Kleptomania : چوری کرنا , Action Potential : والٹیج کی تبدیلی , Enquire : معلومات چاہنا , Ache : ترسنا , Edacity : حرص , Ambition : آرزو , Desirous : خواہش مند , Bespeak : طلب کرنا , Temptation : اشتعال , Desire : چاہنا , Longer : پیاسا شخص , Ambitionless : خواہش , Platonic : پاکیزہ , Sensualism : حسیت پرستی , Indirect Request : تمنا , Want : چاہت , Die : بیتاب ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Arbitrariness: the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment.

Capricious: determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason.

Flighty: guided by whim and fancy.

Arbitrary: based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice.

Adams-Stokes Syndrome: recurrent sudden attacks of unconsciousness caused by impaired conduction of the impulse that regulates the heartbeat.

Conceptional: being of the nature of a notion or concept.

Bonanza: a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money).

Below The Belt: disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing).

Ostrich: a person who refuses to face reality or recognize the truth (a reference to the popular notion that the ostrich hides from danger by burying its head in the sand).

On The Spur Of The Moment: on impulse; without premeditation.

Itchy Feet: very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Afflatus: a strong creative impulse; divine inspiration.

Stampede: a headlong rush of people on a common impulse.

Impulsive: proceeding from natural feeling or impulse without external stimulus.

Kleptomania: an irresistible impulse to steal in the absence of any economic motive.

Action Potential: the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted.

Enquire: have a wish or desire to know something.

Ache: have a desire for something or someone who is not present.

Edacity: excessive desire to eat.

Ambition: a cherished desire.

Desirous: having or expressing desire for something.

Bespeak: express the need or desire for; ask for.

Temptation: the desire to have or do something that you know you should avoid.

Desire: feel or have a desire for; want strongly.

Longer: a person with a strong desire for something.

Ambitionless: having little desire for success or achievement.

Platonic: free from physical desire.

Sensualism: desire for sensual pleasures.

Indirect Request: an expression of some desire or inclination.

Want: a specific feeling of desire.

Die: languish as with love or desire.

Related Words

Idea : ارادہ

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