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Whisper meaning in Urdu

Whisper Sentences

Avoid whispering.
I avoid whispering.

Whisper Synonyms

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Whisper in Detail

1 of 2) Whisper, Susurration, Voicelessness, Whispering : سرگوشی, آہستہ آواز میں بولنے کا عمل, سرسراہٹ : (noun) speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords.


2 of 2) Whisper : کان میں بات کرنا, آہستہ آواز میں بولنا : (verb) speak softly; in a low voice.

They whispered to each other.

Related : Verbalize : express in speech.

Useful Words

Soft, Sonant, Voiced : آواز والا : produced with vibration of the vocal cords. "A frequently voiced opinion".

Phonation, Vocalisation, Vocalism, Vocalization, Voice, Vox : آواز : the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract. "We did not have any noise".

Larynx, Voice Box : نرخرہ : a cartilaginous structure at the top of the trachea; contains elastic vocal cords that are the source of the vocal tone in speech.

Whispered : آہستہ آواز میں بولاگیا : spoken in soft hushed tones without vibrations of the vocal cords. "A long whispered conversation".

Gag, Muzzle : منہ بند کرنے کی پٹی : restraint put into a person's mouth to prevent speaking or shouting.

Lip : لب : either of two fleshy folds of tissue that surround the mouth and play a role in speaking.

Whisperer : سرگوشی کرنے والا : one who speaks in a whisper.

Saliva, Spit, Spittle : لعاب : a clear liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous glands of the mouth; moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches.

Suck : چوسنا : draw into the mouth by creating a practical vacuum in the mouth. "Suck the poison from the place where the snake bit".

Croon : گنگنانا : sing softly.

Mewl, Pule, Wail, Whimper : رونا : cry weakly or softly. "She wailed with pain".

Aglow, Lambent, Lucent, Luminous : روشن : softly bright or radiant. "A house aglow with lights".

Murmur : دھیمی آواز سے بات کرنا : speak softly or indistinctly. "She murmured softly to the baby in her arms".

Coo : نرمی سے کہنا : speak softly or lovingly. "The mother who held her baby was cooing softly".

Mumbler, Murmurer, Mutterer : منھ ہی منھ میں بولنے والا : a person who speaks softly and indistinctly.

Pianissimo, Very Softly : ہلکی موسیقی : a direction in music; to be played very softly.

Bombilation, Bombination, Buzz : بھنبھناہٹ : sound of rapid vibration. "Mosquitoes are buzzing in my ears".

Shudder, Tremor : کپکپی : an involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear). "Our car boke down in the middle of the forest and I was in tremor".

Seismal, Seismic : زلزلے سے متعلق : subject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration.

Tassel : جھالر : adornment consisting of a bunch of cords fastened at one end.

Cordwood : جلانے والی لکڑی : firewood cut and stacked in cords; wood sold by the cord.

Square Knot : دوہری گرہ : a double knot made of two half hitches and used to join the ends of two cords.

Earthquake, Quake, Seism, Temblor : زلزلہ : shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity.

Monodic, Monodical : نوحہ سے متعلق : having a single vocal part.

Quipu : حسابی رسی : calculator consisting of a cord with attached cords; used by ancient Peruvians for calculating and keeping records.

Bass, Deep : ڈہول کی تھاپ : having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range. "A deep voice".

Cringle, Eyelet, Grommet, Grummet, Loop : پھندا : fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines. "Loop of cord around neck".

Accompanied, Attended : موسیقی کے آلات کے ساتھ گانا : playing or singing with instrumental or vocal accompaniment.

Tremolo : لرزتی ہوئی آواز : vocal vibrato especially an excessive or poorly controlled one.

Monody, Monophonic Music, Monophony : ایک قسم کا مرثیہ : music consisting of a single vocal part (usually with accompaniment).

Aphonia, Voicelessness : انقطاع صوت : a disorder of the vocal organs that results in the loss of voice.

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