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Whistle meaning in Urdu

Whistle Sentences

She whistled for her maid.
They whistled at me.

Whistle Synonym

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Whistle in Detail

1 of 3) Whistle : سیٹی بجا کراشارہ کرنا : (verb) give a signal by whistling.

Related : Signalize : communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs.

2 of 3) Whistle : سیٹی : (noun) a small wind instrument that produces a whistling sound by blowing into it.

Why did you whistle?
She is blowing the whistle like the referee.

Related : Wind Instrument : a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by an enclosed column of air that is moved by the breath.

3 of 3) Whistle, Sing : شوں کر کے گزر جانا : (verb) make a whining, ringing, or whistling sound.

Whistle in Idioms

Blow The Whistle On : To report something scandalous.

Useful Words

Flag Stop, Way Station, Whistle Stop : بڑے اسٹیشنوں کے درمیان واقع کوئی چھوٹا ریلوے اسٹیشن : a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal.

Wolf-Whistle : عورت کو سیٹی مارنا : whistle or howl approvingly at a female, of males.

Swishy : سنسناتی نما آواز : resembling a sustained `sh' or soft whistle. "Swishing windshield wipers".

Otus Asio, Screech Owl : ایک چھوٹا شمالی امریکا میں پایا جانے والا لرزی ہوئی آواز والا الو : small North American owl having hornlike tufts of feathers whose call sounds like a quavering whistle.

Whistling : سیٹی بجانے کا عمل : the act of whistling a tune. "His cheerful whistling indicated that he enjoyed his work".

Asthmatic, Wheezing, Wheezy : دمہ سے متعلق : relating to breathing with a whistling sound.

Wheeze : آواز سے سانس لینا : breathing with a husky or whistling sound.

Descant : سر میں گانا : sing in descant.

Choir, Chorus : قوالی گانا : sing in a choir.

Chirp, Tweedle : گنگنانا : sing in modulation.

Croon : گنگنانا : sing softly.

List, Name : فہرست بنانا : give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of. "List the states west of the Mississippi".

Pipe Up : گانا : begin to play or sing.

Psalm : مناجات پڑھنا : sing or celebrate in psalms. "He psalms the works of God".

Troll : بے پروائی سے گانا : sing loudly and without inhibition.

Hum : گنگنانا : sing with closed lips. "He is humming".

Stridor : غرغراہٹ : a whistling sound when breathing (usually heard on inspiration); indicates obstruction of the trachea or larynx.

Troll : ایک کے بعد ایک گانے کے بول گانا : sing the parts of (a round) in succession.

Chorus : ایک ساتھ گانے والوں کا گروہ : a group of people assembled to sing together.

Rhonchus : خرخراہٹ : a sound like whistling or snoring that is heard with a stethoscope during expiration as air passes through obstructed channels.

Quaver, Trill, Warble : لرزاں آواز میں گانا : sing or play with trills, alternating with the half note above or below.

Ablaut : واول کی تبدیلی : a vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song).

Omen, Portent, Presage, Prodigy, Prognostic, Prognostication : شگون : a sign of something about to happen. "He looked for an omen before going into battle".

Co-Sign, Cosign : ساتھ دستخط کرنا : sign jointly. "Husband and wife co-signed the lease".

Token : علامت : something serving as a sign of something else.

Red Light, Warning Light : خطرے کا نشان : a cautionary sign of danger.

Absolute Value, Numerical Value : مطلق قیمت : a real number regardless of its sign.

Undersign : کسی دستاویز کے نیچے دستخط کرنا : sign at the bottom of (a document).

American Sign Language, Asl : امریکہ کی ایک اشاروں کی زبان : the sign language used in the United States. "Asl used in United States".

Radical Sign : ایک علامت ریاضی : a sign indicating the extraction of a root.

Minus Sign : علامت نفی : a sign indicating the operation of subtraction.

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