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Widow meaning in Urdu

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Widow Definitions

1) Widow, Widow Woman : بیوہ : (noun) a woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried.


Useful Words

Widowhood : وہ عرصہ جب عورت بیوہ ہو , Dowager : مالدار بیوہ عورت , Queen Dowager : بیوہ ملکہ , Czarina : روسی ملکہ , Marchioness : مارکوئیس کی بیوہ , Queen : بادشاہ کی بیگم , Weeds : کالا ماتمی لباس , Baroness : نواب عورت , Divorcee : مطلقہ , Ex : سابقہ شوہر , War Widow : دوران جنگ مر جانے والے کی بیوی , Dower : جہیز , Widower : رنڈوا , Courting : محبت , Feminine : عورتوں کا , Jewess : یہودی عورت , Old Woman : بوڑھی عورت , Granny : بوڑھی عورت , Memsahib : میم صاحب , Suer : لڑکی پٹانے والا , Adulteress : زانیہ , Fille : لڑکی , Beldam : بڑھیا , Dulcinea : محبوبہ , Hostess : خاتون میزبان , Lady : بی بی , She-Devil : ظالم عورت , Huntress : شکار کرنے والی عورت , Vestal : پاک دامن عورت , Ambassadress : خاتون سفیر , Dame : اعلی خاتون

Useful Words Definitions

Widowhood: the time of a woman's life when she is a widow.

Dowager: a widow holding property received from her deceased husband.

Queen Dowager: the widow of a king.

Czarina: the wife or widow of a czar.

Marchioness: the wife or widow of a marquis.

Queen: the wife or widow of a king.

Weeds: a black garment (dress) worn by a widow as a sign of mourning.

Baroness: a noblewoman who holds the rank of baron or who is the wife or widow of a baron.

Divorcee: a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband.

Ex: a man who was formerly a certain woman's husband.

War Widow: a woman whose husband has died in war.

Dower: money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage.

Widower: a man whose wife is dead especially one who has not remarried.

Courting: a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage).

Feminine: befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman.

Jewess: a woman who is a Jew.

Old Woman: a woman who is old.

Granny: an old woman.

Memsahib: a woman sahib.

Suer: a man who courts a woman.

Adulteress: a woman adulterer.

Fille: a young woman.

Beldam: a woman of advanced age.

Dulcinea: a woman who is a man`s sweetheart.

Hostess: a woman host.

Lady: a polite name for any woman.

She-Devil: a cruel woman.

Huntress: a woman hunter.

Vestal: a chaste woman.

Ambassadress: a woman ambassador.

Dame: a woman of refinement.

Related Words

Adult Female : عورت

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