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Winnow meaning in Urdu

Winnow Sentences

Winnow the finalists from the long list of applicants.
Winnowing the rice.

Winnow Synonyms


Winnow Definitions

1 of 4) Winnow, Sifting, Winnowing : اناج وغیرہ چننے کا عمل : (noun) the act of separating grain from chaff.

The winnowing was done by women.

2 of 4) Winnow : لگنا : (verb) blow on.

The wind was winnowing her hair.
The wind winnowed the grass.

3 of 4) Winnow, Cull Out : چننا, انتخاب کرنا : (verb) select desirable parts from a group or list.

4 of 4) Winnow : پہونک مارکر اڑانا : (verb) blow away or off with a current of air.

Winnow chaff.

Useful Words

Riddle : چھید کر کے الگ کرنا , Flour : آٹا , Thrasher : گاہنے کی مشین , Bran : بہوسی , Chafflike : بہوسے کی مانند , Hatchel : گنگا , Unknot : گانٹھیں سلجھانا , Centrifugation : مرکز گریزی , Screen : چھلنی , Analytic : تجزیاتی , Dialysis Machine : گردے کی صفائی کی مشین , Granule : دانہ , Barley : جو , Wheat Berry : گہیوں , Thrash : دانے نکالنا , Grist : چکی میں پسنے والا غلہ , Spout : ٹونٹی , Ripsaw : موٹے دانتوں والا آرا , Garner : اناج کوٹھی , Dry Measure : وہ پیمانہ جو غلہ وغیرہ کی پیمائش کے لیے استعمال ہوتا ہے , Kernel : اناج کا دانہ , Brassica Kaber : جنگلی سرسوں , Fissile : ٹوٹ پہوٹ کے قابل , Field Corn : غلہ , Broomcorn Millet : باجرے کی قسم , Seeder : بیج بونے والی مشین , Cornucopia : خوشحالی کا سینگ , Army Worm : لشکری سنڈی , Common Wheat : گندم , Common Barley : عام جو , Malt : اناج جسے شراب کشید کی جائے

Useful Words Definitions

Riddle: separate with a riddle, as grain from chaff.

Flour: fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain.

Thrasher: a farm machine for separating seeds or grain from the husks and straw.

Bran: broken husks of the seeds of cereal grains that are separated from the flour by sifting.

Chafflike: abounding in or covered with or resembling or consisting of chaff.

Hatchel: a comb for separating flax fibers.

Unknot: become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of.

Centrifugation: the process of separating substances of different densities by the use of a centrifuge.

Screen: a strainer for separating lumps from powdered material or grading particles.

Analytic: using or skilled in using analysis (i.e., separating a whole--intellectual or substantial--into its elemental parts or basic principles).

Dialysis Machine: a medical instrument for separating substances in solution by unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes.

Granule: a tiny grain.

Barley: a grain of barley.

Wheat Berry: a grain of wheat.

Thrash: beat the seeds out of a grain.

Grist: grain intended to be or that has been ground.

Spout: an opening that allows the passage of liquids or grain.

Ripsaw: a handsaw for cutting with the grain of the wood.

Garner: a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed.

Dry Measure: a unit of capacity for dry commodities (as fruit or grain).

Kernel: the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone.

Brassica Kaber: weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields.

Fissile: capable of being split or cleft or divided in the direction of the grain.

Field Corn: corn grown primarily for animal feed or market grain.

Broomcorn Millet: extensively cultivated in Europe and Asia for its grain and in United States sometimes for forage.

Seeder: a mechanical device that sows grass seed or grain evenly over the ground.

Cornucopia: a goat`s horn filled with grain and flowers and fruit symbolizing prosperity.

Army Worm: noctuid moth larvae that travel in multitudes destroying especially grass and grain.

Common Wheat: widely cultivated in temperate regions in many varieties for its commercially important grain.

Common Barley: grass yielding grain used for breakfast food and animal feed and in malt beverages.

Malt: a cereal grain (usually barley) that is kiln-dried after having been germinated by soaking in water; used especially in brewing and distilling.

Related Words

Remove : نکالنا , Choose : انتخاب کرنا , Fan : ہوا دینا

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