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1) Wire Gage, Wire Gauge : تار ناپ : (noun) gauge for measuring the diameter of wire.

Related : Gauge : a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc..

Useful Words

Barbed Wire, Barbwire : خاردار تار : strong wire with barbs at regular intervals used to prevent passage.

Conducting Wire, Wire : تار : a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance.

Back, Bet On, Gage, Game, Punt, Stake : شرط لگانا : place a bet on. "Don`t bet on".

Guy, Guy Cable, Guy Rope, Guy Wire : زنجیر : a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent).

High Wire : تنی رسی : a tightrope very high above the ground. "China holds high-wire walking competition".

Hot-Wire : تاریں ملا کر انجن چلانا : start (a car engine) without a key by bypassing the ignition interlock. "The woman who lost the car keys had to hot-wire her van".

Busy Bee, Eager Beaver, Live Wire, Sharpie, Sharpy : تیز پھرتیلا شخص : an alert and energetic person. "My dad is a busy bee".

Pressure Gage, Pressure Gauge : گیس یا پانی کا دباو ناپنے والا پیمانہ : gauge for measuring and indicating fluid pressure.

Pluviometer, Rain Gage, Rain Gauge, Udometer : بارش کا نزول ناپنے والا آلہ : gauge consisting of an instrument to measure the quantity of precipitation.

Water Gage, Water Gauge, Water Glass : پانی کی حد کا کانٹا : gauge for indicating the level of water in e.g. a tank or boiler or reservoir.

Wire : تار : ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc.

Wire Cloth : تار کی جالی : fabric woven of metallic wire.

Eleusine Indica, Goose Grass, Wire Grass, Yard Grass, Yardgrass : صحنی گھاس : coarse annual grass having fingerlike spikes of flowers; native to Old World tropics; a naturalized weed elsewhere.

News Agency, News Organisation, News Organization, Press Agency, Press Association, Wire Service : خبررساں ادارہ : an agency to collects news reports for newspapers and distributes it electronically.

Steel Wool, Wire Wool : مہین تاروں کا ایک گچھہ : a mass of woven steel fibers used as an abrasive.

Wire-Haired, Wiry-Coated : تار جیسے سخت بال : (especially of dogs) having stiff wiry hair. "A wire-haired terrier".

Wire-Haired Terrier, Wirehair, Wirehaired Terrier : سخت بالوں والا کتا : a terrier with wiry hair.

Tenuous : نازک : very thin in gauge or diameter. "A tenuous thread".

Gauge : تار کی موٹائی : the thickness of wire.

Wiry : تار جیسا : of or relating to wire.

Whip, Whisk : پھینٹنا : whip with or as if with a wire whisk. "Whisk it".

Wired : تار سے بندھا : tied or bound with wire. "Wired bundles of newspapers".

Bug, Intercept, Tap, Wiretap : خفیہ طور پر ریکارڈ کرنا : tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information. "The FBI was tapping the phone line of the suspected spy".

Radiotelephone, Radiotelephony, Wireless Telephone : بے تار ٹیلی فون کا نظام : telephony that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire.

Phone Tapper, Tapper, Wiretapper : تار نگران : someone who wiretaps a telephone or telegraph wire.

Barb : خاردار : the pointed part of barbed wire.

Radiotelegraph, Radiotelegraphy, Wireless Telegraphy : بے تار برقی ٹیلی گرافی : telegraphy that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire.

Wiry : تار جیسے سخت بال : of hair that resembles wire in stiffness. "Wiry red hair".

Booster Cable, Jumper Cable, Jumper Lead, Lead : ایک قسم کی کیبل : a jumper that consists of a short piece of wire. "It was a tangle of jumper cables and clip leads".

Tie : رسی : a cord (or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied. "He needed a tie for the packages".

Wired : بجلی کے تار وں سے آراستہ ہونا : equipped with wire or wires especially for electric or telephone service. "A well-wired house".

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