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Word-Perfect meaning in Urdu

Word-Perfect Sentence

She was word perfect in her part.

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Word-Perfect in Detail

1) Word-Perfect, Letter-Perfect : لفظ بلفظ درست : (satellite adjective) correct to the last detail; especially being in or following the exact words.

Related : Right : free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth.

Useful Words

Correct, Right : ٹھیک : free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth. "He does right".

Detail, Item, Point : تفصیل : an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole. "Several of the details are similar".

Especially, Particularly, Peculiarly, Specially : خاص طور پر : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling".

Demand, Exact : واجبات کا مطالبہ کرنا : claim as due or just. "The bank demanded payment of the loan".

Following, Next : اگلا : immediately following in time or order. "The following day".

Close, Conclusion, Finale, Finis, Finish, Last, Stopping Point : اختتامی : the temporal end; the concluding time. "Last time, got it?".

Word : بات : a brief statement. "Take my word".

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