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Workable meaning in Urdu

Workable Synonyms


Workable Definitions

1) Workable, Executable, Feasible, Practicable, Viable : قابل عمل, قابل تعمیل, وہ چیز جو ممکن ہو : (satellite adjective) capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are.

Useful Words

Feasibly : قابل عمل طور سے , Impractical : غیر عملی , As Far As Possible : جتنا ممکن ہو , Grapple : کشتی , Underbid : کم بولی دینا , Bluff : فریب دینا , Computer Virus : نقصان پہنچانے والا کمپیوٹر پروگرام , Palpable : چھو کر محسوس کرنے کے قابل , Retractile : سمٹ جانے والا , Circumstantially : قرائن سے , Never : ہرگز نہیں , Case : صورت , Circumstantially : حالات کے اعتبار سے , Contemporary World : آج کا دور , Good Enough : کافی بہتر , Contingent : غیر یقینی , Misfit : نا مناسب , Turn The Tables : پانسہ پلٹ دینا , Due : متوقع , Orient : مانوس کرنا , Playing Field : کھیل کا میدان , Readjustment : تشکیل نو , Accommodation : موافقت , Constricting : دبانے والی , Concurrence : بیک وقتی , Contingent : منحصر , Circumstances : نصیب , Conjuncture : دشوار صورت حال , Chance : موقع , Sensitive : پر احساس , Circumstance : حالات

Useful Words Definitions

Feasibly: in a practicable manner; so as to be feasible.

Impractical: not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters.

As Far As Possible: to a feasible extent.

Grapple: the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat.

Underbid: bid (a hand of cards) at less than the strength of the hand warrants.

Bluff: deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning hand.

Computer Virus: a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer.

Palpable: capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt.

Retractile: capable of retraction; capable of being drawn back.

Circumstantially: according to circumstances.

Never: not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances.

Case: a special set of circumstances.

Circumstantially: insofar as the circumstances are concerned.

Contemporary World: the circumstances and ideas of the present age.

Good Enough: adequately good for the circumstances.

Contingent: uncertain because of uncontrollable circumstances.

Misfit: someone unable to adapt to their circumstances.

Turn The Tables: cause a complete reversal of the circumstances.

Due: suitable to or expected in the circumstances.

Orient: familiarize (someone) with new surroundings or circumstances.

Playing Field: the circumstances under which competition occurs.

Readjustment: the act of adjusting again (to changed circumstances).

Accommodation: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances.

Constricting: (of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom.

Concurrence: acting together, as agents or circumstances or events.

Contingent: determined by conditions or circumstances that follow.

Circumstances: your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you).

Conjuncture: a critical combination of events or circumstances.

Chance: a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.

Sensitive: being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others.

Circumstance: the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event.

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