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Zalzalay Ka Jhatka : زلزلے کا جھٹکا

1. Seismic Disturbance, Shock : زلزلے کا جھٹکا : (noun) an instance of agitation of the earth's crust.

Hijan : Agitation : the act of agitating something; causing it to move around (usually vigorously).

Afratafri : Agitation : disturbance usually in protest. "President should announce elections to avoid turmoil"

Badtameezi : Crust : the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties. "Impudence is the effect of ignorance"

Dunyawi : Earth : the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife. "They consider the church to be independent of the world"

Misal : Instance : an item of information that is typical of a class or group. "This patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"

Waqia : Instance : an occurrence of something. "It was a case of bad judgment"

Ehtijaj : Agitation : the feeling of being agitated; not calm.

Zameen Ki Part : Crust : the outer layer of the Earth.

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