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زمین پر لانا : Zameen Par Lana Meaning in English

Zameen Par Lana in Sentences

He becomes angry at me for no reason.
Anchor the lamppost in concrete.

Zameen Par Lana in Detail

1) زمین پر لانا : Ground Run Aground Strand : (verb) bring to the ground.


Useful Words

شروع ہونا : Initiate , پرورش کرنا : Bring Up , ایک ساتھ لانا : Collect , دینا : Bear , ختم کرنا : End , جمع کرنا : Come Up , ملانا : Amalgamate , بچا لینا : Bring Through , وجود میں لانا : Create , کسی چھپی ھوئی چیز کو پھر سے یاد کرنا اور قابل ذکر بنانا : Rake Up , دکھانے لانا : Bring Forth , مصالحت کرانے والا : Conciliator , پیدا کرنا : Bring Forth , جا کر واپس لینا : Retrieve , ختم ہونا : Conclude , باہر سے لانا : Import , ختم کرنا : Complete , لادینا : Bring , ظاہر کرنا : Unearth , ساتھ لانا : Come Up , لے جانا : Bring , پیدا کرنا : Bring Forth , انجام دینا : Compass , پالنا : Cradle , یاد آور : Evocative , ملا دینا : Bond , بازار میں لانا : Bring On , ترتیب دینا : Coordinate , گڈ مڈ کرنا : Jumble , رسوا کروانا : Attaint , فیصلہ ہونا : Adjudicate

Useful Words Definitions

Initiate: bring into being.

Bring Up: bring up.

Collect: get or bring together.

Bear: bring forth,.

End: bring to an end or halt.

Come Up: gather or bring together.

Amalgamate: to bring or combine together or with something else.

Bring Through: bring into safety.

Create: bring into existence.

Rake Up: bring to light.

Bring Forth: bring out for display.

Conciliator: someone who tries to bring peace.

Bring Forth: bring forth or yield.

Retrieve: go for and bring back.

Conclude: bring to a close.

Import: bring in from abroad.

Complete: come or bring to a finish or an end.

Bring: go or come after and bring or take back.

Unearth: bring to light.

Come Up: bring forth, usually something desirable.

Bring: bring into a different state.

Bring Forth: bring into existence.

Compass: bring about; accomplish.

Cradle: bring up from infancy.

Evocative: serving to bring to mind.

Bond: bring together in a common cause or emotion.

Bring On: bring onto the market or release.

Coordinate: bring order and organization to.

Jumble: bring into random order.

Attaint: bring shame or dishonor upon.

Adjudicate: bring to an end; settle conclusively.

Close Words

زمین کا ایک چھوٹا حصہ : Patch , دنیا : Earth , سجدہ : Prostration , زمین دوز برقی ریل : Metro , زمین سے نکلنے والی زہریلی گیس : Mephitis , بشر : Earthling , جائیداد : Immovable , زمین کا ٹہوس بیرونی حصہ : Geosphere , زمین کو جنگل بنانے کا عمل : Afforestation , زمین کی پرت : Crust , زمین اور چاند کے درمیان : Cislunar

Close Words Definitions

Patch: a small area of ground covered by specific vegetation.

Earth: the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on.

Prostration: abject submission; the emotional equivalent of prostrating your body.

Metro: an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city).

Mephitis: a poisonous or foul smelling gas emitted from the earth.

Earthling: an inhabitant of the earth.

Immovable: property consisting of houses and land.

Geosphere: the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantle.

Afforestation: the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting).

Crust: the outer layer of the Earth.

Cislunar: situated between the earth and the moon.

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