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Aam : آم

1. Mango : آم : (noun) large oval tropical fruit having smooth skin, juicy aromatic pulp, and a large hairy seed.

2. Humdrum, Monotony, Sameness : معمولی - عام : (noun) the quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety.

3. Populace, Public, World : عام - لوگ - عوام : (noun) people in general considered as a whole.

4. Colloquial, Conversational : عام - غیر رسمی : characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation.

6. Received, Standard : عام : (adjective) conforming to the established language usage of educated native speakers.

7. Common : عام : (adjective) having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual.

8. Average, Ordinary : عام : lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered.

9. Casual, Daily, Everyday : عام - روزانہ کے - روز : appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions.

10. General : عام : (noun) a fact about the whole (as opposed to particular).

Mayaar, Aala Mayaar : Quality : an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone. "The quality of mercy is not strained"

Mayaar, Darja : Quality : a degree or grade of excellence or worth. "The quality of students has risen"

Ikhtalaf, Judagangi, Adam Yaksaniat : Variety : noticeable heterogeneity. "A diversity of possibilities"

Tabdeeli : Variety : a difference that is usually pleasant. "He goes to France for variety"

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