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Aching meaning in Urdu

Aching Sentences

My whole head is aching.
My aching head.

Aching Synonyms


Aching Definitions

1 of 2) Aching, Ache : درد : (noun) a dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain.

2 of 2) Aching, Achy : درد میں مبتلا : (satellite adjective) causing a dull and steady pain.

Useful Words

Breakbone Fever : ہڈی توڑ بخار , Anguished : تکلیف میں مبتلا , Agony : اذیت , Angina : درد گلو , Brufen : درد کی دوا , Odontalgia : دانت کا درد , Earache : کان کا درد , Backache : کمر درد , Bellyache : پیٹ کا درد , Caflam : درد کی دوا , Intermittent Claudication : وقفہ دار عرج ٹانگوں میں خون کی سپلائی میں خلل کیوجہ سے لنگڑانا , Lukewarm : گنگنا , Clip : ہلکے دوڑنا , Chilliness : سردی , Bib : شراب کا عادی ہونا , Andantino : قدرے تیز تال , Fairly : مناسب طور پر , Cardboard : سخت کاغذ , Comfortable : دولت مند , Andante : دھیمی چال , Black-Tie : جزوی طور پر رسمی , Doggedness : ثابت قدمی , Insistent : تکراری , Persistently : ثابت قدمانہ طور پر , Spruce : صنوبر کی قسم کا درخت , Hang In : ثابت رہنا , Cussed : بدکار , Rosemary : اکلیل کوہستانی , Bait : طنز کرنا , Will : ہمت , Carping : بلا جواز تنقید

Useful Words Definitions

Breakbone Fever: an infectious disease of the tropics transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by rash and aching head and joints.

Anguished: experiencing intense pain especially mental pain.

Agony: intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain.

Angina: any disease of the throat or fauces marked by spasmodic attacks of intense suffocative pain.

Brufen: A pharmaceutical drug which is used to treat pain such as headache, migraine, dental pain, frozen shoulder and other mild pain.

Odontalgia: an ache localized in or around a tooth.

Earache: an ache localized in the middle or inner ear.

Backache: an ache localized in the back.

Bellyache: an ache localized in the stomach or abdominal region.

Caflam: A tablet which is used to treat pain, swelling, muscle aches, backaches and dental pain etc.

Intermittent Claudication: lameness due to pain in leg muscles because the blood supply is inadequate; pain subsides with rest.

Lukewarm: moderately warm.

Clip: run at a moderately swift pace.

Chilliness: the property of being moderately cold.

Bib: drink moderately but regularly.

Andantino: (of tempo) moderately fast.

Fairly: to a moderately sufficient extent or degree.

Cardboard: a stiff moderately thick paper.

Comfortable: in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich.

Andante: a moderately slow tempo (a walking pace).

Black-Tie: moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket.

Doggedness: persistent determination.

Insistent: repetitive and persistent.

Persistently: in a persistent manner.

Spruce: light soft moderately strong wood of spruce trees; used especially for timbers and millwork.

Hang In: be persistent, refuse to stop.

Cussed: stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing.

Rosemary: widely cultivated for its fragrant grey-green leaves used in cooking and in perfumery

Benefits of rosemary oil : Good for brain function, improves hair growth, helps in relieving pain, fights against bugs, good for stress, can increase circulation, energizes body, helps in reducing joint pain..

Bait: harass with persistent criticism or carping.

Will: a fixed and persistent intent or purpose.

Carping: persistent petty and unjustified criticism.

Related Words

Hurting : درد , Cephalalgia : سر درد , Painful : تکلف دہ

Aching in Book Titles

Embracing an Aching Heart.
Aching To Be: A Girl`s True Rock and Roll Story.
Aching for mango friends.

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