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Adulation meaning in Urdu

Adulation Definitions

1) Adulation : چاپلوسی : (noun) servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise.


Useful Words

Superlative : مبالغہ , Hypocritically : منافقت سے , Sincerity : کھرا ہونے کی حالت , Falseness : دھوکے بازی , Deferentially : اطاعت شعاری سے , Apelike : نقل اتارنے والا , Obsequious : چاپلوس , Adulator : چاپلوس , Blandishment : چاپلوسی , Blandishment : برائی کی طرف اکسانے کا عمل , Court Favor : خوشامد کرنا , Blarney : چاپلوسی , Bootlicking : خوشامد , Holy Day Of Obligation : عیسائیوں کا مذہبی دن , Bookishness : مطالعے کا حد سے زیادہ شوق , Exaggeratedly : مبالغے سے , Machismo : مردانگی کا مظاہرہ , Hosanna : حمد و ثنا , Gush : تعریف کرنا , Blandish : چاپلوسی کرنا , Compliment : تعریف کرنا , Vaunt : ڈینگیں مارنا , Priggishness : ریا کاری , Egotism : خود پسندی , Craze : شوق , Caricaturist : تضحیکی خاکہ نگار , Religionism : مذہبیت , Superiority Complex : احساس برتری , Encomium : حمد و ثنا , Applaudable : قابل تعریف , Exalt : تعریف کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Superlative: an exaggerated expression (usually of praise).

Hypocritically: in a hypocritical manner.

Sincerity: the quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical.

Falseness: the quality of not being open or truthful; deceitful or hypocritical.

Deferentially: in a servile manner.

Apelike: being or given to servile imitation.

Obsequious: attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner.

Adulator: a person who uses flattery.

Blandishment: flattery intended to persuade.

Blandishment: the act of urging by means of teasing or flattery.

Court Favor: seek favor by fawning or flattery.

Blarney: flattery designed to gain favor.

Bootlicking: attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.

Holy Day Of Obligation: a day when Catholics must attend Mass and refrain from servile work, and Episcopalians must take Communion.

Bookishness: exaggerated studiousness.

Exaggeratedly: in an exaggerated manner.

Machismo: exaggerated masculinity.

Hosanna: a cry of praise or adoration (to God).

Gush: praise enthusiastically.

Blandish: praise somewhat dishonestly.

Compliment: say something to someone that expresses praise.

Vaunt: extravagant self-praise.

Priggishness: exaggerated and arrogant properness.

Egotism: an exaggerated opinion of your own importance.

Craze: an interest followed with exaggerated zeal.

Caricaturist: someone who parodies in an exaggerated manner.

Religionism: exaggerated religious zealotry.

Superiority Complex: an exaggerated estimate of your own value and importance.

Encomium: a formal expression of praise.

Applaudable: worthy of high praise.

Exalt: praise, glorify, or honor.

Related Words

Flattery : چکنی چپڑی باتیں

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