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Agglutinating Activity meaning in Urdu

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Agglutinating Activity Definitions

1) Agglutinating Activity, Agglutination : گلٹھی بننے کا عمل : (noun) the coalescing of small particles that are suspended in solution; these larger masses are then (usually) precipitated.


Useful Words

Agglutinate : منسلک ہونا , Recreation : تازگی , Communicating : رابطہ , Active : متحرک , Create : بنانا , Fume : دھواں , Aerosolised : ہوا کی ساتھ ملا ہوا , Cloud : ابر , Turbidity : گدلہ پن , Disinfestation : جووں کا خاتمہ کرنا , Beginner : اناڑی , Avocation : مشغلہ , Disrupt : مداخلت کرنا , Entrant : نیا آنے والا , Bullfighting : بیل سے لڑائی , Cease : چھوڑ دینا , Demand : طلب , Accountability : احتساب , Mask : کسی چیز کو چھپانا , Overactivity : پیش سرگرمی , Sell : سودا کرنا , Feel Like : جی چاہنا , Protection : حفاظت , Leadership : رہنمائی , Reconstruction : باز تعمیر , Point : موضوع , Hold : رکھنا , Continuance : تسلسل , Provision : فراہمی , Stand : روک , Sale : سیل

Useful Words Definitions

Agglutinate: string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language).

Recreation: activity that refreshes and recreates; activity that renews your health and spirits by enjoyment and relaxation.

Communicating: the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information.

Active: full of activity or engaged in continuous activity.

Create: pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity.

Fume: a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas.

Aerosolised: in the form of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles dispersed or suspended in air or gas.

Cloud: a visible mass of water or ice particles suspended at a considerable altitude.

Turbidity: muddiness created by stirring up sediment or having foreign particles suspended.

Disinfestation: the activity of getting rid of vermin.

Beginner: someone new to a field or activity.

Avocation: an auxiliary activity.

Disrupt: interfere in someone else's activity.

Entrant: any new participant in some activity.

Bullfighting: the activity at a bullfight.

Cease: put an end to a state or an activity.

Demand: required activity.

Accountability: responsibility to someone or for some activity.

Mask: activity that tries to conceal something.

Overactivity: excessive activity.

Sell: the activity of persuading someone to buy.

Feel Like: have an inclination for something or some activity.

Protection: the activity of protecting someone or something.

Leadership: the activity of leading.

Reconstruction: the activity of constructing something again.

Point: the object of an activity.

Hold: keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g.,.

Continuance: the act of continuing an activity without interruption.

Provision: the activity of supplying or providing something.

Stand: an interruption of normal activity.

Sale: the general activity of selling.

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