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1 of 2) Alimentation, Aliment, Nourishment, Nutriment, Nutrition, Sustenance, Victuals : غذائیت بخش خوراک, پرورش, غذائیت : (noun) a source of materials to nourish the body.

Related : Treat : something considered choice to eat. Dish : a particular item of prepared food. Fast Food : inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly.

2 of 2) Alimentation, Feeding : خوراک دینے کا عمل : (noun) the act of supplying food and nourishment.

Related : Supplying : the activity of supplying or providing something. Gavage : feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat.

Useful Words

Food, Solid Food : کھانا : any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment. "What`s for food ?".

Eater, Feeder : کھانے والا : someone who consumes food for nourishment.

Saute : تلا ہوا : a dish of sauteed food.

Platter : پرات : a large shallow dish used for serving food.

Casserole : کڑاہی : large deep dish in which food can be cooked and served. "Place the casserole over a medium heat".

Acanthocybium Solandri, Wahoo : کند مچھلی : large fast-moving predacious food and game fish; found worldwide.

Dainty, Mincing, Niminy-Piminy, Prim, Twee : نفیس : affectedly dainty or refined. "Dainty sofa cover".

Food Court : شوپینگ مال سے متصل کھانے کی جگہ : an area (as in a shopping mall) where fast food is sold (usually around a common eating area). "He worked in food court".

Eretmochelys Imbricata, Hawkbill, Hawksbill, Hawksbill Turtle, Tortoiseshell Turtle : چونچ والا کچھوا : pugnacious tropical sea turtle with a hawk-like beak; source of food and the best tortoiseshell. "The hawksbill turtle is a critically endangered".

Krill : سمندر کا ایک جانور : shrimp-like planktonic crustaceans; major source of food for e.g. baleen whales.

Nibbler : کاٹنے والا : a biter who takes dainty repeated bites.

Olive : زیتون کا پھل : small ovoid fruit of the European olive tree; important food and source of oil. "You are feeling so cold If you apply olive oil on your body, you will not feel cold".

Cassava, Cassava Starch, Manioc, Manioca : سیدھی کھڑی رہنے والی جھاڑی : a starch made by leaching and drying the root of the cassava plant; the source of tapioca; a staple food in the tropics. "Cassava plant has edible root".

Egg, Eggs : مرغی کا انڈا : oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food.

Digestive System, Gastrointestinal System, Systema Alimentarium, Systema Digestorium : وہ نظام جو خوراک کو جسم میں شامل کرتا ہے : the system that makes food absorbable into the body. "Digestive system problem".

Adipose Tissue, Fat, Fatty Tissue : چربی کا بافت : a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy; it also cushions and insulates vital organs. "Fatty tissue protected them from the severe cold".

Consumption, Ingestion, Intake, Uptake : کھانا پینا : the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating).

Carcase, Carcass : لاش : the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food.

Carrion : لاش : the dead and rotting body of an animal; unfit for human food. "The carrion of an eagle".

Abramis Brama, European Bream : برما مچھلی : European freshwater fish having a flattened body and silvery scales; of little value as food.

Periosteum : ہڈیوں کے اوپر کی جھلی : a dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones (except at their extremities) and serving as an attachment for tendons and muscles; contains nerves and blood vessels that nourish the enclosed bone.

Common Mackerel, Scomber Scombrus, Shiner : اسقمری مچھلی : important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales.

Prestissimo : انتہائی تیز : extremely fast; as fast as possible. "This passage should be played prestissimo".

Alimental, Alimentary, Nourishing, Nutrient, Nutritious, Nutritive : خوراک سے متعلق : of or providing nourishment. "Good nourishing stew".

Aliment, Nourish, Nutrify : خوراک دینا : give nourishment to. "Nutrify tablet".

Nourish, Nurture, Sustain : کھلا پلا کر بڑا کرنا : provide with nourishment. "We sustained ourselves on bread and water".

Malnourished : ناکافی خوراک پانے والا : not being provided with adequate nourishment. "Malnourished children in pakistan".

Holophytic : اپنی غذا خود بنانے والا : obtaining nourishment as green plants do. "Holophytic make their own food like plants".

Mucous Secretion, Mucus : بلغم : protective secretion of the mucus membranes; in the gut it lubricates the passage of food and protects the epithelial cells; in the nose and throat and lungs it can make it difficult for bacteria to penetrate the body through the epithelium.

Heterotrophic : دوسری مخلوق کھانے والا : requiring organic compounds of carbon and nitrogen for nourishment. "Most animals are heterotrophic".

Holozoic : غذا ہضم کرنے والا : obtaining nourishment as animals do by ingesting complex organic matter.

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