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Amuck   Meaning in Urdu

Amuck in Sentence

The soldier was completely amuck.

1. Amuck - Amok - Berserk - Demoniac - Demoniacal - Possessed : پاگل - دیوانہ : frenzied as if possessed by a demon.

The soldier was completely amuck.

Insane - afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement.

Related Words

Amulet - Talisman : تعویذ : a trinket or piece of jewelry usually hung about the neck and thought to be a magical protection against evil or disease. "I don`t believe in amulets"

Amur - Amur River - Heilong - Heilong Jiang : ہیلونگ دریا : an Asian river between China and Russia; flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. "The Amur-Heilong covers areas of northeastern China and the Russian Far East"

Useful Words

Daemon - Daimon - Demon - Devil - Fiend : آسیب : an evil supernatural being. "Her daughter was possessed by a demon"

Frenzied - Manic : خبطی : affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason. "A frenzied attack"

If : اگر : On the condition that. "Even if it fell off"

Obsessed - Possessed : جذبے کے زیر اثر : influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion. "By love possessed"

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