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Anemic 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Anemic Sentence

An anemic attempt to hit the baseball.

Anemic Synonym

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Anemic in Detail

1 of 2. غیر توانہ Ghair Tawana کمزور Kamzor : Anaemic Anemic : lacking vigor or energy.

Anemic support.
Anemic attempt to push the car.


2 of 2. خون کی کمی سے متعلق Kun Ki Kami Se Mutaliq : Anaemic Anemic : (adjective) relating to anemia or suffering from anemia.

Anemic in Book Titles

Philosophy: Impersonal anxiety, refuge among anemic ideas..

Useful Words

Anaemia Anemia : خون کی کمی Khoon Ki Kami : a deficiency of red blood cells. "He has anaemia"

Energy Free Energy : توانائی Tawanai : (physics) a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs. "If your legs and hands fall asleep so it means you are anemic Eat chicken`s liver, it will give you energy"

Deficient Lacking Wanting : کم Kam : inadequate in amount or degree. "A deficient education"

Agony Excruciation Suffering : اذیت Aziyat : a state of acute pain.

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