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Anemic meaning in Urdu

Anemic Sentence

An anemic attempt to hit the baseball.

Anemic Synonym


Anemic Definitions

1 of 2) Anemic, Anaemic : غیر توانہ, کمزور : (satellite adjective) lacking vigor or energy.

Anemic support.
Anemic attempt to push the car.

2 of 2) Anemic, Anaemic : خون کی کمی سے متعلق : (adjective) relating to anemia or suffering from anemia.

Useful Words

Spiritless : بے جوش , Bloodless : مردار , Adynamic : کمزوری , Faint : مدھم , Impuissant : نامرد , Inactive : غیر متحرک , Radiant Energy : اشعاعی توانائی , Generator : برقی کرنٹ پیدا کرنے کی مشین , Atomic : ایٹمی , Turbine : چرخاب , Photovoltaic Cell : وہ سیل جس کے ذریعے سورج کی روشنی کو برقی توانائی میں بدل لیا جاتا ہے , In Full Action : پورے زور شور سے جاری کام , Alive : پرجوش , Lively : جوشیلا , Revitalise : دوبارہ زندگی دینا , Renascent : پھر سے تازہ دم , Enlivener : جان ڈالنے والا , Fade : مرجھانا , Invigorate : توانائی سے بھر دینا , Spirited : پر جوش , Adynamia : کمزوری , Elan : جوش , Languish : مردہ دل ہونا , Prime : عروج , Blunt : بے حس کرنا , Neckless : ہار , Generate : پیدا کرنا , Untired : ان تھک , Devitalise : بے جان کرنا , Indefatigably : ان تھک طور پر , Ginger : تیزی

Useful Words Definitions

Spiritless: lacking ardor or vigor or energy.

Bloodless: without vigor or zest or energy.

Adynamic: lacking strength or vigor.

Faint: lacking strength or vigor.

Impuissant: lacking physical strength or vigor.

Inactive: lacking in energy or will.

Radiant Energy: energy that is transmitted in the form of (electromagnetic) radiation; energy that exists in the absence of matter.

Generator: engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction.

Atomic: (weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy.

Turbine: rotary engine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid is converted into mechanical energy by causing a bladed rotor to rotate.

Photovoltaic Cell: a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy.

In Full Action: proceeding with full vigor.

Alive: having life or vigor or spirit.

Lively: full of zest or vigor.

Revitalise: give new life or vigor to.

Renascent: rising again as to new life and vigor.

Enlivener: an agent that gives or restores life or vigor.

Fade: lose freshness, vigor, or vitality.

Invigorate: impart vigor, strength, or vitality to.

Spirited: displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness.

Adynamia: lack of strength or vigor (especially from illness).

Elan: enthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness.

Languish: lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief.

Prime: the time of maturity when power and vigor are greatest.

Blunt: make less lively, intense, or vigorous; impair in vigor, force, activity, or sensation.

Neckless: lacking or apparently lacking a neck.

Generate: produce (energy).

Untired: with unreduced energy.

Devitalise: sap of life or energy.

Indefatigably: with indefatigable energy.

Ginger: liveliness and energy.

Anemic in Book Titles

Philosophy: Impersonal anxiety, refuge among anemic ideas..