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Ascend meaning in Urdu

Ascend Sentences

We ascended the mountain.
Jupiter ascends.

Ascend Synonyms


Ascend Definitions

1 of 4) Ascend, Go Up : چڑھنا, اوپر جانا : (verb) travel up.

The mountaineers slowly ascended the steep slope.

2 of 4) Ascend : بادشاہ یا ملکہ بن جانا : (verb) become king or queen.

She ascended to the throne after the King's death.

3 of 4) Ascend, Come Up, Rise, Uprise : طلوع ہونا : (verb) come up, of celestial bodies.

4 of 4) Ascend, Move Up, Rise : ترقی پانا, بلند مرتبے تک پہنچ جانا : (verb) move to a better position in life or to a better job.

She ascended from a life of poverty to one of great.

Useful Words

Huawei Ascend Y511 : ہواوے , Erect : اٹھا کر کھڑا کرنا , Billow : موج کی طرح بلند ہرنا , Arise : کھڑا ہونا , Soar : تیزی سے اٹھنا , Ascensional : چڑھتا , Kick Up : ٹہوکر سے اوپر کرنا , Rapid Climb : تیزی سے اٹھنا , Hot Air : گرم ہوا , Shoot Up : تیزی سے بڑھنا , Bristle : خوف کے باعث کھڑے ہوجانا , Steam : بخارات اٹھنا , Climb Up : فروغ پانا , Bullish : نرخ بڑھنے کی توقع , Advance : قیمت وغیرہ میں اضافہ ہونا , Intonation : آواز میں تبدیلی آنا , Buoyant : تیرتا , Levitate : ہوا میں تیرنا , Anticlimax : عروج کے بعد زوال , Pyrectic : بخار پیدا کرنے والا , Welter : لوٹنا پوٹنا , Invite : شوق دلانا , Febricity : بخار , Homogenized Milk : بالائی ملا دودھ , Tide : جوار بھاٹا , Heterozygote : مختلف نسب کا , Upheaval : اٹھانا , Accompany : ساتھ جانا , Follow : پیچھے چلنا , Follow : مان کر چلنا , Circle : چکر لگانا

Useful Words Definitions

Huawei Ascend Y511: Huawei ascend Y511 android smartphone, announced 2013, Oct.

Erect: cause to rise up.

Billow: rise up as if in waves.

Arise: rise to one's feet.

Soar: rise rapidly.

Ascensional: tending to rise.

Kick Up: cause to rise by kicking.

Rapid Climb: a rapid rise.

Hot Air: air that has been heated and tends to rise.

Shoot Up: rise dramatically.

Bristle: rise up as in fear.

Steam: rise as vapor.

Climb Up: rise in rank or status.

Bullish: expecting a rise in prices.

Advance: rise in rate or price.

Intonation: rise and fall of the voice pitch.

Buoyant: tending to float on a liquid or rise in air or gas.

Levitate: cause to rise in the air and float, as if in defiance of gravity.

Anticlimax: a disappointing decline after a previous rise.

Pyrectic: any substance that can cause a rise in body temperature.

Welter: toss, roll, or rise and fall in an uncontrolled way.

Invite: give rise to a desire by being attractive or inviting.

Febricity: a rise in the body temperature; frequently a symptom of infection.

Homogenized Milk: milk with the fat particles broken up and dispersed uniformly so the cream will not rise.

Tide: the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon.

Heterozygote: (genetics) an organism having two different alleles of a particular gene and so giving rise to varying offspring.

Upheaval: (geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building).

Accompany: go or travel along with.

Follow: travel along a certain course.

Follow: to travel behind, go after, come after.

Circle: travel around something.

Related Words

Astronomy : فلک شناسی , Change : بدل جانا , Go : سفر کرنا , Arise : اٹھنا , Come Up : نمودار ہونا , Accede : تخت وتاج کاوارث بننا

Ascend in Book Titles

Ascend: Releasing the Power of the Human.
Permission to Ascend.
Ascend the Mountain.

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