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2 of 2) Ascension, Ascending, Ascent, Rise : طلوع ہونے کا عمل : (noun) the act of changing location in an upward direction.

Useful Words

Heave : اچھلنا , Acts : کتاب اعمال عہدنامہ جدید , Soar : اوپر چڑھنے کا عمل , Levitation : اپر کی طرف حرکت کرنا , Upturn : الٹا دینا , Scaling : گرنا , Tautness : تنگی , Assurgent : سمندر سے اٹھتا ہوا , Renascent : پھر سے تازہ دم , Christ's Resurrection : حیات نو , Heating : گرمی , Anabatic : اوپر چڑھتی ہوئی ہوا , Alluvion : پانی کا کناروں سے بہ نکلنا , Hail : اولہ , Miasm : بدبو کے نقصان دہ بخارات , Looseness : کشادگی , Intonate : کسی خاص انداز سے بولنا , Fluctuate : لڑکھڑانا , Erect : اٹھا کر کھڑا کرنا , Levitation : جسم یا وجود کا ہوا میں بلند ہونا , Undulation : لہریا صورت میں حرکت کا عمل , Prosperity : ترقی , Aloft : اونچائی پر , Steam : بخارات اٹھنا , Arise : کھڑا ہونا , Soar : تیزی سے اٹھنا , Hot Air : گرم ہوا , Bristle : خوف کے باعث کھڑے ہوجانا , Billow : موج کی طرح بلند ہرنا , Rapid Climb : تیزی سے اٹھنا , Shoot Up : تیزی سے بڑھنا

Useful Words Definitions

Heave: an upward movement (especially a rhythmical rising and falling).

Acts: a New Testament book describing the development of the early church from Christ`s Ascension to Paul`s sojourn at Rome.

Soar: the act of rising upward into the air.

Levitation: movement upward in virtue of lightness.

Upturn: an upward movement or trend as in business activity.

Scaling: ascent by or as if by a ladder.

Tautness: lack of movement or room for movement.

Assurgent: rising from the sea.

Renascent: rising again as to new life and vigor.

Christ's Resurrection: (New Testament) the rising of Christ on the third day after the Crucifixion.

Heating: the process of becoming warmer; a rising temperature.

Anabatic: of an air current or wind; rising especially up a slope.

Alluvion: the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land.

Hail: precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents.

Miasm: unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources.

Looseness: movement or space for movement.

Intonate: speak carefully, as with rising and falling pitch or in a particular tone.

Fluctuate: move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern.

Erect: cause to rise up.

Levitation: the phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means.

Undulation: wavelike motion; a gentle rising and falling in the manner of waves.

Prosperity: an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment.

Aloft: upward.

Steam: rise as vapor.

Arise: rise to one's feet.

Soar: rise rapidly.

Hot Air: air that has been heated and tends to rise.

Bristle: rise up as in fear.

Billow: rise up as if in waves.

Rapid Climb: a rapid rise.

Shoot Up: rise dramatically.

Related Words

Motion : تحریک , Levitation : جسم یا وجود کا ہوا میں اٹھنا , Heave : کھچاو , Climb : چڑھنا , Change Of Location : ہوائی سفر , Climb : چڑھائی , Elevation : ابھار , Upheaval : اٹھانا

Close Words

Ascensional : چڑھتا

Close Words Definitions

Ascensional: tending to rise.

Ascension in Book Titles

Ascension, Rise of the Fallen.
A Dutch Castaway on Ascension Island in 1725.
Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth & Healing for the New Aeon.

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