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Ascendant meaning in Urdu

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The economically ascendant class.
That idea was in the ascendant.

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1 of 4) Ascendant, Ascendent : غلبہ پاتا, غالب, بالادست : (noun) position or state of being dominant or in control.

Related : Dominance : the state that exists when one person or group has power over another.


2 of 4) Ascendant, Ascendent, Ascensive : چڑھتا ہوا, چڑھتا : (satellite adjective) tending or directed upward.

Rooted and ascendant strength like that of foliage.

Related : Ascending : moving or going or growing upward.

3 of 4) Ascendant, Ancestor, Antecedent, Ascendent, Root : جد امجد, دادا پردادا, آباواجداد : (noun) someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent).

Related : Ancestress : a woman ancestor. Sire : the founder of a family. Relative : a person related by blood or marriage.

4 of 4) Ascendant, Ascendent, Dominating : اہم : (satellite adjective) most powerful or important or influential.

Related : Dominant : exercising influence or control.

Useful Words

Patronym, Patronymic : آبائی لقب : a family name derived from name of your father or a paternal ancestor (especially with an affix (such as -son in English or O'- in Irish) added to the name of your father or a paternal ancestor).

Upper Hand, Whip Hand : اعلی رتبہ : position of advantage and control.

Hold One's Own : قابو میں رکھنا : maintain one`s position and be in control of a situation. "He holds on his own emotions".

Commander : امیر : someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others.

Bondage, Slavery, Thraldom, Thrall, Thralldom : غلامی : the state of being under the control of another person. "What was the need for slavery?".

Nationalise, Nationalize : قومی ملکیت میں لینا : put under state control or ownership. "Mitterand nationalized the banks".

Federalisation, Federalization : وفاقی حکومت کے کنٹرول میں ہونے کا عمل : the state of being under federal control. "The federalization of postal service".

Denationalisation, Denationalization, Privatisation, Privatization : نجکاری : changing something from state to private ownership or control. "Privatization of KESC".

Communisation, Communization, Nationalisation, Nationalization : قومی تحویل میں لینا : changing something from private to state ownership or control.

Bondage : پابندی : the state of being under the control of a force or influence or abstract power. "He was in bondage to fear".

Corporatism : سند یافتہ تجارتی ادارے کا تسلط : control of a state or organization by large interest groups. "Individualism is in danger of being swamped by a kind of corporatism".

Hold, Keep, Maintain : رکھنا : keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g.,. "Maintain an aura of mystery and people will be drawn to you more".

Hold : پہلے کی طرح رہنا : remain in a certain state, position, or condition. "The weather held".

Throne : حاکم اعلی : the position and power of an exalted person (a sovereign or bishop) who is entitled to sit in a chair of state on ceremonial occasions.

Ancestress : دادی پر دادی : a woman ancestor.

Ancestral : مورثی : of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor.

Family, Family Line, Folk, Kinfolk, Kinsfolk, Phratry, Sept : قریبی رشتے دار : people descended from a common ancestor. "His family has lived in Massachusetts since the Mayflower".

Collateral, Indirect : نسلی : descended from a common ancestor but through different lines. "We are collateral relatives".

Matronymic, Metronymic : ماں کی طرح : a name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor.

Ladder : سیڑھیاں : ascending stages by which somebody or something can progress. "He climbed the career ladder".

Blood Relation, Blood Relative, Cognate, Sib : خونی رشتہ داری : one related by blood or origin; especially on sharing an ancestor with another.

Descendant, Descendent : کسی نسل کا فرد : a person considered as descended from some ancestor or race.

Emancipation : رہائی : freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

Heir Apparent : یقینی وارث : an heir whose right to an inheritance cannot be defeated if that person outlives the ancestor.

Count, Counting, Enumeration, Numeration, Reckoning, Tally : گنتی : the act of counting; reciting numbers in ascending order. "He is counting money".

Kingdom, Land, Realm : سلطنت : a domain in which something is dominant. "So the time is not far when there will be kingdom of Muslims all over the world".

Stair, Step : سیڑھی : support consisting of a place to rest the foot while ascending or descending a stairway. "They are coming down the stairs".

Chromaticity, Hue : رنگت : the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength.

Rajpoot, Rajput : راجاٴوں کی نسل : a member of the dominant Hindu military caste in northern India.

Mediant : آٹھ سری شدھ سرگم کا تیسرا رکن جو بنیادی سر کے اوپر ہوتا ہے : (music) the third note of a diatonic scale; midway between the tonic and the dominant.

Cutting Edge, Forefront, Vanguard : سب سے آگے : the position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field. "The Cotswolds were once at the forefront of woollen manufacturing in England".