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1. Capstone, Copestone, Finishing Touch : عروج : (noun) a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination.

2. Climax, Flood Tide : انتہا - عروج - معراج : (noun) the highest point of anything conceived of as growing or developing or unfolding.

3. Acme, Elevation, Height, Meridian, Peak, Pinnacle, Summit, Superlative, Tiptop, Top : عروج - چوٹی - بلندی : (noun) the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development.

Mukammal Karnay..., Karnama : Achievement : the action of accomplishing something.

Khatam Shud, Ikhtataam : Culmination : a concluding action.

Style : Touch : a distinguishing style. "This room needs a woman's touch"

Chonay Ka Ehsas : Touch : the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin. "She likes the touch of silk on her skin"

Aakhri Imtehan : Final : an examination administered at the end of an academic term.

Rabta : Touch : a communicative interaction. "You should have kept in touch with me"

Aakhri Muqabla : Final : the final match between the winners of all previous matches in an elimination tournament.

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