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Assort meaning in Urdu

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Assort Definitions

1 of 2) Assort, Affiliate, Associate, Consort : منسلک, رہنا, دوستی کرنا : (verb) keep company with; hang out with.

2 of 2) Assort, Class, Classify, Separate, Sort, Sort Out : درجہ بندی کرنا, قسم بندی کرنا : (verb) arrange or order by classes or categories.

Useful Words

Subsidiary : ضمنی ادارہ , Co-Worker : دفتر وغیرہ میں ساتھ کام کرنے والا , Couple : جوڑا , Shipmate : ایک ہی جہاز میں کام کرنے والا , Ally : اتحادی , Roomie : ہم کمرہ , Aa : فن کی ڈگری , Bedfellow : عارضی ساتھی , Clannishness : گروہ بندی , Aas : اپلائڈ سائنس کی سند , Associateship : شراکت داری , Dangle : لٹکنا , Suspend : لٹکانا , Hover : منڈلانا , Trail : لتھڑنا , Last Out : برداشت کر جانا , Droop : لٹکنا , Gibbet : سولی دینا , Dangle : لٹکنا , Junior College : جونیئر کالج , Messmate : ساتھ کھانا کھانے والا , Collaborator : شراکت دار , Affiliate : وابستہ , Sociability : سماج داریت , Piked Reverse Hang : ایک کرتب , Brood : منڈلانا , Clothes Tree : کہونٹی , Together : اکٹھے , Keep To Oneself : الگ تھلگ رہنا , Associate : دوست , Suzuki : جاپانی گاڑی بنانے والی کمپنی

Useful Words Definitions

Subsidiary: a company that is completely controlled by another company.

Co-Worker: an associate that one works with.

Couple: a pair who associate with one another.

Shipmate: an associate on the same ship with you.

Ally: an associate who provides cooperation or assistance.

Roomie: an associate who shares a room with you.

Aa: an associate degree in arts.

Bedfellow: a temporary associate or friend.

Clannishness: tendency to associate with only a select group.

Aas: an associate degree in applied science.

Associateship: the position of associate (as in an office or academy).

Dangle: hang freely.

Suspend: hang freely.

Hover: hang in the air; fly or be suspended above.

Trail: hang down so as to drag along the ground.

Last Out: hang on during a trial of endurance.

Droop: hang loosely or laxly.

Gibbet: hang on an execution instrument.

Dangle: cause to dangle or hang freely.

Junior College: a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree.

Messmate: (nautical) an associate with whom you share meals in the same mess (as on a ship).

Collaborator: an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest.

Affiliate: a subordinate or subsidiary associate; a person who is affiliated with another or with an organization.

Sociability: the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows.

Piked Reverse Hang: a reverse hang performed on the rings.

Brood: hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing.

Clothes Tree: an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothing.

Together: in each other`s company.

Keep To Oneself: shun the company of others.

Associate: a friend who is frequently in the company of another.

Suzuki : car manufacturer company in Japan.

Related Words

Compare : موازنہ کرنا , Dichotomise : دو پر تقسیم کرنا , Pigeonhole : چھاپ لگنا , Interact : ایک دوسرے پر اثر ڈالنا , Date : ملاقات جاری رکھنا , Accompany : کسی کا ساتھی ہونا

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