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تقسیم کرنا : Taqseem Karna Meaning in English

Taqseem Karna Synonyms


Taqseem Karna in Detail

1 of 9) تقسیم کرنا : Divide Fraction : (verb) perform a division.

2 of 9) تقسیم کرنا : Distribute Give Out Hand Out Pass Out : (verb) give to several people.

3 of 9) دینا تقسیم کرنا : Bringing Delivery : (noun) the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail).

4 of 9) ٹکڑے کرنا حصے کرنا کاٹنا : Carve Up Dissever Divide Separate Split Split Up : (verb) separate into parts or portions.

5 of 9) تقسیم کرنا بانٹنا : Circulate Distribute Pass Around Pass On : (verb) cause be distributed.

6 of 9) تقسیم کرنا دو حصے لگانا : Halve : (verb) divide by two; divide into halves.

7 of 9) بانٹنا مقرر کرنا تقسیم کرنا : Allocate Apportion : (verb) distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose.

8 of 9) تقسیم کرنا : Prorate : (verb) divide or assess proportionally.

9 of 9) الگ کرنا علیحدہ کرنا تقسیم کرنا : Divide Separate : (verb) act as a barrier between; stand between.

Useful Words

فوجی ڈویزن : Division : an army unit large enough to sustain combat. "Two infantry divisions were held in reserve".

دینا : Afford : be the cause or source of. "Who do I give?".

لوگ : People : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. "What do I tell people?".

کرنا : Do : carry out or perform an action. "I did it in a flash".

کئی : Several : (used with count nouns) of an indefinite number more than 2 or 3 but not many. "After being suspended from a notorious political organization he survived several murder attempts".

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