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Autumnal meaning in Urdu

Autumnal Sentences

The autumnal equinox.
A serene autumnal mood.

Autumnal Definitions

1 of 2) Autumnal : موسم خزاں کا : (adjective) of or characteristic of or occurring in autumn.

Autumnal fruits.


2 of 2) Autumnal : ڈھلتی عمر کا : (satellite adjective) characteristic of late maturity verging on decline.

Useful Words

Summer : گرمی , Wintery : سرد , Vernal : بہاری , Acer Japonicum : جاپانی میپل , All-Or-None : سب کا سب یا کچھ نہیں , Acer Spicatum : پہاڑی میپل , Blood-Twig : یورپی پت جھڑا درخت , Acer Macrophyllum : پانچ نوک والا میپل , Acer Argutum : جاپانی پودا , Acer Rubrum : لال میپل , Common White Dogwood : سفید پھولوں والا درخت , Acer Pennsylvanicum : شمالی امریکی میپل , Chestnut : شاہ بلوط , Wolfish : بھیڑیا صفت , Basket Ash : امریکی درخت , Acer Platanoides : ناروے کا میپل , Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi : سدا بھار لال بیری والی جھاڑی , Aster Novi-Belgii : ضیافت میکائیل کے دنوں میں کھلنے والے تارا پھولوں کی کوئی بھی قسم , Autumn Pumpkin : کدو , Bimestrial : ہر دو ماہ بعد , Daily : روزانہ , Intrapulmonary : پھیپھڑوں کے اندر , Biweekly : ہفتے میں دو بار , Biennial : ہر دو سال بعد , Hebdomadal : ہفتہ وار , Averting : ٹالنا , Alternate : باری باری , Multistage : کثیر المراحل , Transplacental : پلیسینٹا میں سے , Biweekly : ہر دو ہفتے بعد , Unison : ہم آہنگی

Useful Words Definitions

Summer: the warmest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.

Wintery: characteristic of or occurring in winter.

Vernal: of or characteristic of or occurring in spring.

Acer Japonicum: leaves deeply incised and bright red in autumn; Japan.

All-Or-None: occurring completely or not occurring at all.

Acer Spicatum: small shrubby maple of eastern North America; scarlet in autumn.

Blood-Twig: European deciduous shrub turning red in autumn having dull white flowers.

Acer Macrophyllum: maple of western North America having large 5-lobed leaves orange in autumn.

Acer Argutum: small shrubby Japanese plant with leaves having 5 to 7 acuminate lobes; yellow in autumn.

Acer Rubrum: maple of eastern and central America; five-lobed leaves turn scarlet and yellow in autumn.

Common White Dogwood: deciduous tree; celebrated for its large white or pink bracts and stunning autumn color that is followed by red berries.

Acer Pennsylvanicum: maple of eastern North America with striped bark and large two-lobed leaves clear yellow in autumn.

Chestnut: any of several attractive deciduous trees yellow-brown in autumn; yield a hard wood and edible nuts in a prickly bur.

Wolfish: resembling or characteristic (or considered characteristic) of a wolf.

Basket Ash: vigorous spreading North American tree having dark brown heavy wood; leaves turn gold in autumn.

Acer Platanoides: a large Eurasian maple tree naturalized in North America; five-lobed leaves yellow in autumn; cultivated in many varieties.

Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi: evergreen mat-forming shrub of North America and northern Eurasia having small white flowers and red berries; leaves turn red in autumn.

Aster Novi-Belgii: North American perennial herb having small autumn-blooming purple or pink or white flowers; widely naturalized in Europe.

Autumn Pumpkin: a coarse vine widely cultivated for its large pulpy round orange fruit with firm orange skin and numerous seeds; subspecies of Cucurbita pepo include the summer squashes and a few autumn squashes.

Bimestrial: occurring every two months.

Daily: of or belonging to or occurring every day.

Intrapulmonary: being or occurring within a lung.

Biweekly: occurring twice a week.

Biennial: occurring every second year.

Hebdomadal: of or occurring every seven days.

Averting: the act of preventing something from occurring.

Alternate: occurring by turns; first one and then the other.

Multistage: occurring in more than one stage.

Transplacental: occurring through or by way of the placenta.

Biweekly: occurring every two weeks.

Unison: occurring together or simultaneously.

Autumnal in Book Titles

The autumnal excursion; or, Sketches in Teviotdale: with other poems.
Autumnal leaves, elegiac and other poems.
October, Or Autumnal Tints.