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Backchat meaning in Urdu

Backchat Sentence

Do not backchat me.

Backchat Synonyms


Backchat Definitions

1) Backchat, Banter, Give-And-Take, Raillery : زبان درازی : (noun) light teasing repartee.

Useful Words

Badinage : چھیڑ چھاڑ , Burning : آگ پکڑنے کی حالت , Emit : خارج کرنا , Rib : تنگ کرنے والی بات , Tauntingly : چھیڑ خوانی کے طور پر , Blandishment : برائی کی طرف اکسانے کا عمل , Annoyer : چھیڑنے والا , List : فہرست بنانا , Running Light : پہلو سے آنے والی روشنی , Dark-Field Microscope : جدید خوردبین , Searchlight : سرچ لائٹ , Laser : روشنی کی تابش بڑھانے کا آلہ , Acer Saccharinum : چاندی میپل , Butternut : شمال امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا اخروٹ کا درخت , Gleam : کرن , Furnish : مہیا کرنا , Allot : دینا , Break : چھوڑ دینا , Entitle : حق دینا , Cough Up : نارضامندی سے دینا , Argue : ثبوت دینا , Point : نوک بنانا , Betray : مخبری کرنا , Aliment : خوراک دینا , Depict : تشریح کرنا , Change : ایک دوسرے سے لینا اور دینا , Dub : خطاب دینا , Advise : نصیحت کرنا , Bless : دعا دینا , Cheer : حوصلہ افزائی کرنا , Assign : لگادینا

Useful Words Definitions

Badinage: frivolous banter.

Burning: a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light.

Emit: give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc..

Rib: a teasing remark.

Tauntingly: in a playfully teasing manner.

Blandishment: the act of urging by means of teasing or flattery.

Annoyer: someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity).

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

Running Light: light carried by a boat that indicates the boat's direction; vessels at night carry a red light on the port bow and a green light on the starboard bow.

Dark-Field Microscope: light microscope that uses scattered light to show particles too small to see with ordinary microscopes.

Searchlight: a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction.

Laser: an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; an optical device that produces an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light.

Acer Saccharinum: a common North American maple tree; five-lobed leaves are light green above and silvery white beneath; source of hard close-grained but brittle light-brown wood.

Butternut: North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye.

Gleam: a flash of light (especially reflected light).

Furnish: give something useful or necessary to.

Allot: give out.

Break: give up.

Entitle: give the right to.

Cough Up: give reluctantly.

Argue: give evidence of.

Point: give a point to.

Betray: give away information about somebody.

Aliment: give nourishment to.

Depict: give a description of.

Change: give to, and receive from, one another.

Dub: give a nickname to.

Advise: give advice to.

Bless: give a benediction to.

Cheer: give encouragement to.

Assign: attribute or give.

Related Words

Repartee : حاضر جوابی

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