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Behalf meaning in Urdu

Behalf Sentences

On behalf of my friend.
In your behalf.

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Behalf in Detail

1 of 2) Behalf : طرف سے, جانب سے : (noun) as the agent of or on someone`s part (usually expressed as.

On behalf of.
In behalf of.+ More

Related : Stead : the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another.

2 of 2) Behalf : کے خاطر : (noun) for someone's benefit (usually expressed as `in behalf' rather than `on behalf' and usually with a possessive).

Campaigning in his own behalf.
Spoke a good word in his friend's behalf.

Related : Sake : a reason for wanting something done.

Useful Words

Corvee : کمی : unpaid labor (as for the maintenance of roads) required by a lord of his vassals in lieu of taxes.

Coolant : ٹھنڈا کرنے والا مادہ : a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling; especially one used to cool a system by transferring heat away from one part to another. "He added more coolant to the car's radiator".

Hypochlorous Acid : ہائپو کلورس تیزاب : a weak unstable acid known only in solution and in its salts; used as a bleaching agent and as an oxidizing agent.

Kickback : رشوت : a commercial bribe paid by a seller to a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into the transaction. "Government officials received kickbacks".

Compound Interest : کل سود : interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.

Intercession : سفارش : a prayer to God on behalf of another person.

Ain, Own : اپنا : belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself); preceded by a possessive. "For your own use".

Misconduct : بد اعمالی : bad or dishonest management by persons supposed to act on another's behalf.

Agent : کارندہ : a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations.

Representation : نمائندگی : the act of representing; standing in for someone or some group and speaking with authority in their behalf.

Packaging, Promotion, Promotional Material, Publicity : تشہیر : a message issued in behalf of some product or cause or idea or person or institution. "The packaging of new ideas".

Prosecuting Attorney, Prosecuting Officer, Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor : مدعی : a government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state. "Prosecuting officer should be present in court".

Barrister : قانون دان : a British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution.

Pleading : فریق مقدمہ کا بیان : (law) a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding.

Next Friend : قانونی سرپرست کے بجائے کوئی دوسرا شخص : (law) a person who acts on behalf of an infant or disabled person.

Opaque, Unintelligible : غیر واضع : not clearly understood or expressed.

Mute, Tongueless, Unspoken, Wordless : بے زبان : expressed without speech. "A mute appeal".

Viva-Voce, Word-Of-Mouth : زبانی : expressed orally. "A viva-voce report".

Obscure, Vague : غیر واضع : not clearly understood or expressed. "An obscure turn of phrase".

Calligraphic, Calligraphical : خوش نویسانہ : of or relating to or expressed in calligraphy.

Choice Of Words, Diction, Phraseology, Phrasing, Verbiage, Wording : طرز گفتگو : the manner in which something is expressed in words. "Use concise military verbiage".

Verbal : زبانی کہا گیا : expressed in spoken words. "A verbal contract".

Compound Number : دو قسم کے عدد : a quantity expressed in two different units. "One hour and ten minutes".

Tearfulness, Weepiness : روتے ہوئے : sadness expressed by weeping.

Proverbial : کہاوتی : of or relating to or resembling or expressed in a proverb. "He kicked the proverbial bucket".

Import, Meaning, Significance, Signification : مطلب : the message that is intended or expressed or signified. "What is the meaning of this sentence".

Aspect, Expression, Face, Facial Expression, Look : تاثر : the feelings expressed on a person`s face. "Very positive expression".

Well-Turned : سننے میں اچھا : (of language) aptly and pleasingly expressed. "A well-turned phrase".

Genuine, True, Unfeigned : کھرا : not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed. "Genuine emotion".

Optimal, Optimum : بہترین : most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied. "An optimum return on my investment".

So : یوں ہی : in such a condition or manner, especially as expressed or implied. "Let it be so!".

Behalf in Book Titles

Cicero: Speech on Behalf of Publius Sestius.
Civil Rights Advocacy on Behalf of the Poor.

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