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Blotch meaning in Urdu

Blotch Sentence

Blotch of blood.

Blotch Synonyms

Blotch Definitions

1) Blotch, Splodge, Splotch : داغ : (noun) an irregularly shaped spot.


Useful Words

Blotched : داغ دار , Checkered Adder : دھاری دار سانپ , Spot Pass : گیند کو کسی خاص مقام پر پھنچانا , Lacerate : پھاڑنا , Crispate : لہریا , Lacerate : پھٹا ہوا , Erose : ناہموار , Pinpoint : نقطہ , Bespatter : دھبے ڈال دینا , Unsoiled : جو میلا نہ ہوا ہو , Befoul : آلودہ کرنا , Located : واقع , Spot Welder : بجلی کے ذریعے جوڑ لگانے والا , Hot Spot : تفریح کا مرکز , Focalise : کسی خاص جگہ یا مقام پر توجہ دینا , Blob : داغدار کرنا , Facula : روشن دھبہ , Mole : تل , Stop : پڑاو , Adalia Bipunctata : بل بوٹی , Leucoma : آنکہوں پر سفید داغ پڑنا , Freckle : داغ , Cabaret : شراب خانہ , Cursor : مقام کی نشاندہی کرنے والا , Automeris Io : ایک قسم کا کیڑا , Cuneal : تکون , Bulb-Shaped : بلب جیسا , Annular : چھلے دار , Cube-Shaped : مکعبی , Acorn-Shaped : نالی نما , Asteroid : ستارہ نما

Useful Words Definitions

Blotched: marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots.

Checkered Adder: nonvenomous tan and brown king snake with an arrow-shaped occipital spot; southeastern ones have red stripes like coral snakes.

Spot Pass: a pass to a designated spot on the field; the receiver should arrive at that spot the same time the ball does.

Lacerate: cut or tear irregularly.

Crispate: wavy or notched and curled very irregularly.

Lacerate: irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn.

Erose: having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed.

Pinpoint: a very small spot.

Bespatter: spot, splash, or soil.

Unsoiled: without soil or spot or stain.

Befoul: spot, stain, or pollute.

Located: situated in a particular spot or position.

Spot Welder: a welder who does spot welding.

Hot Spot: a lively entertainment spot.

Focalise: concentrate on a particular place or spot.

Blob: make a spot or mark onto.

Facula: a bright spot on a planet.

Mole: a small spot on the skin.

Stop: a spot where something halts or pauses.

Adalia Bipunctata: red ladybug with a black spot on each wing.

Leucoma: eye disease consisting of an opaque white spot on the cornea.

Freckle: a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin.

Cabaret: a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink.

Cursor: (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving it allows the user to point to commands or screen positions.

Automeris Io: large yellow American moth having a large eyelike spot on each hind wing; the larvae have stinging spines.

Cuneal: shaped like a wedge.

Bulb-Shaped: shaped like a bulb.

Annular: shaped like a ring.

Cube-Shaped: shaped like a cube.

Acorn-Shaped: shaped like an acorn.

Asteroid: shaped like a star.

Related Words

Blot : دھبہ

میں تم کو روتا نہیں دیکھ سکتا