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Brisk meaning in Urdu

Brisk Sentences

A brisk walk may help you fight your depression.
Business brisked up.

Brisk Synonyms


Brisk Definitions

1 of 4) Brisk, Alert, Lively, Merry, Rattling, Snappy, Spanking, Zippy : چست, تیز دم : (satellite adjective) quick and energetic.

A brisk walk in the.

2 of 4) Brisk, Brisk Up, Brisken : تیز ہونا : (verb) become brisk.

3 of 4) Brisk, Bracing, Fresh, Refreshful, Refreshing, Tonic : تازگی بخش, تازگی بخشنے والی : (satellite adjective) imparting vitality and energy.

4 of 4) Brisk : تیزی سے چلتا ہوا : (satellite adjective) very active.

Doing a brisk business.

Useful Words

Canty : پھرتیلا , Allegro : چست انداز , Smart : تیز , Allegro : موسیقی کو مہارت اور پھرتی کے ساتھ ترتیب دینے کا عمل , Briskly : پھرتی سے , Dull : ہلکا , Arouse : چست کردینا , Busy Bee : تیز پھرتیلا شخص , Allegro : تیز اور چاق و چوبند انداز میں , Red Alert : ہنگامی صورت حال , Observant : تیز نظر , Coltish : کھلاڑی , Humorousness : مسخراپن , Gaiety : زندہ دلی , Sportively : کھلنڈرے پن سے , Conviviality : خر مستیاں , Unalert : جو چوکس نہ ہو , Heads-Up : چوکس , Quick-Sighted : تیز دماغ , Knowing : مکمل معلومات رکھنے والا , Unwary : غیر ہوشیار , Energetically : طاقت سے , Verve : جوش , Beware : ہوشیار رہنا , High-Energy : زیادہ طاقتور , Dynamism : پرکشش شخصیت , Battle : جدوجہد , Active : متحرک , Consciousness : ہوش , Nabeel : بلند مرتبہ , Alert : انتباہ

Useful Words Definitions

Canty: lively and brisk.

Allegro: a brisk and lively tempo.

Smart: quick and brisk.

Allegro: a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner.

Briskly: in a brisk manner.

Dull: (of business) not active or brisk.

Arouse: cause to be alert and energetic.

Busy Bee: an alert and energetic person.

Allegro: in a quick and lively tempo.

Red Alert: the highest level of alert when an attack by the enemy seems imminent (or more generally a state of alert resulting from imminent danger).

Observant: quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception.

Coltish: given to merry frolicking.

Humorousness: the trait of merry joking.

Gaiety: a festive merry feeling.

Sportively: in a merry sportive manner.

Conviviality: a boisterous celebration; a merry festivity.

Unalert: not alert to what is potentially dangerous.

Heads-Up: fully alert and watchful.

Quick-Sighted: keenly perceptive or alert.

Knowing: alert and fully informed.

Unwary: not alert to danger or deception.

Energetically: in an energetic manner.

Verve: an energetic style.

Beware: be on one`s guard; be cautious or wary about; be alert to.

High-Energy: vigorously energetic or forceful.

Dynamism: the activeness of an energetic personality.

Battle: an energetic attempt to achieve something.

Active: characterized by energetic activity.

Consciousness: an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation.

Nabeel: Muslim boy name which means alert, noble and genius.

Alert: a warning serves to make you more alert to danger.

Related Words

Accelerate : تیزی سے دوڑنا , Active : متحرک , Energetic : پھرتیلا