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Brisk 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Urdu meaning of Brisk is چست, it can be written as Chust in Roman Urdu. There are 4 different senses of Brisk stated below.

Brisk in Sentences

A brisk walk in the park. Business brisked up.

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Brisk in Detail

1 of 4. چست Chust تیز دم Tez Dam : Alert Lively Merry Rattling Snappy Spanking Zippy Brisk : quick and energetic.

A brisk walk in the park.

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2 of 4. تیز ہونا Tez Hona : Brisk Up Brisken Brisk : (verb) become brisk.

Business brisked up.

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4 of 4. تیزی سے چلتا ہوا Tezi Se Chalta Huwa : Brisk : very active.

Doing a brisk business.

Useful Words

Become Turn : بن جانا Ban Jana : undergo a change or development. "What will you become when you grow up?"

Energetic : پھرتیلا Phurtila : possessing or exerting or displaying energy. "An energetic fund raiser for the college"

Promptly Quick Quickly : جلدی سے Jaldi Se : with little or no delay. "Finish it quick brother, its getting cold"

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