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1. خوشبو دار چھال والا چینی درخت Kushbo Dar Chaal Wala Cheeni Darakht : Cassia-Bark Tree, Cinnamomum Cassia, Cassia : (noun) Chinese tree with aromatic bark; yields a less desirable cinnamon than Ceylon cinnamon.

Related : Laurel : any of various aromatic trees of the laurel family.

2. دار چینی Dar Cheeni : Cassia : (noun) any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cassia having pinnately compound leaves and usually yellow flowers followed by long seedpods.

Related : Purging Cassia : deciduous or semi-evergreen tree having scented sepia to yellow flowers in drooping racemes and pods whose pulp is used medicinally; tropical Asia and Central and South America and Australia. Pink Shower Tree : tropical American semi-evergreen tree having erect racemes of pink or rose-colored flowers; used as an ornamental.

Useful Words

Any : کوئی Koi : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing"

Aromatic - Redolent : خوشبو دار Kushbo Dar : having a strong pleasant odor. "The pine woods were more redolent"

Bark : بھونکنا Bhonkna : make barking sounds. "Dogs are supposed to bark"

Ceylon - Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka : سری لنکا Sri Lanka : a republic on the island of Ceylon; became independent of the United Kingdom in 1948.

Chinese : چینی Cheeni : a native or inhabitant of Communist China or of Nationalist China.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon Bark : دار چینی Dar Cheeni : aromatic bark used as a spice. "Cinnamon is loaded with nutrients that your body will greatly benefit from"

Compound : مرکب Murakkab : a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts.

Desirable - Suitable - Worthy : موزوں شریک حیات Muzoun Shareek Hayat : worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse. "The parents found the girl suitable for their son"

Flower : پھول Phool : a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms. "Sajid, take these flowers back"

Articulatio Genus - Genu - Human Knee - Knee - Knee Joint : گھٹنا Ghutna : hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella.

Foliage - Leaf - Leafage : پتا Patta : the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants. "The leaves are falling down"

Less : کم Kam : (comparative of `little' usually used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree. "Of less importance"

Hanker - Long - Yearn : تڑپنا Tarapna : desire strongly or persistently. "Heart is longing to see you"

Pinnately : پر دارانہ Par Daranha : having a pinnate shape. "A pinnately compound leaf"

Pod - Seedpod : پھلی Phali : a several-seeded dehiscent fruit as e.g. of a leguminous plant.

Bush - Shrub : جھاڑی Jhari : a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems. "Don`t beat about the bush"

Than : سے Se : Used for comparison. "She is a better than I"

Tree : شجر Shajar : a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms. "I had myself planted this tree"

Commonly - Normally - Ordinarily - Unremarkably - Usually : عام طور پر Aam Tor Par : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

Xanthous - Yellow - Yellowish : زرد رنگ کا Zrd Rang Ka : of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk.

Afford - Give - Yield : دینا Dena : be the cause or source of. "Who do I give?"