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چپ : Chup Meaning in English

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1 of 4) خاموش چپ : Mum Silent : (satellite adjective) failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to.

2 of 4) چپ : Chip Micro Chip Microchip Microprocessor Chip Silicon Chip : (noun) electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit.

3 of 4) خاموشی چپ سکون : Quietness Soundlessness : (noun) the property of making no sound.

4 of 4) سکوت دھیما چپ : Hush Still Stillness : (noun) (poetic) tranquil silence.

Useful Words

ملانا : Communicate , کمزور نقطہ : Failing , پہنچا دینا : Communicate , خامی : Failing , سمجھانا : Communicate , حسابی اوسط : Arithmetic Mean , تقریر کرنا : Address , خاموش : Silent , بات کرنا : Speak , رائے کا اظہار کرنا : Animadvert , بے زبان : Dumb , جیسا کے تھا : As It Were , انچی آواز میں بولنا : Speak Up , ترجمانی کرنا : Speak For , غیر کار گزار شریک : Silent Partner , ایک چھوٹا ریزے اٹھانے والا برتن : Silent Butler , بتدریج ختم کرنا : Chip Away , کھرچ کر لکھنا : Carve , ٹوٹنا : Break Away , ڈی این اے چپ : Dna Chip , ٹکڑا : Bit , چندہ دینا : Chip In , آلو کے چپس : Chip , ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا : Carry , سرکٹ : Circuit , شفاف شیشہ : Crystal , برقیات سے متعلق : Electronic , سازوسامان : Equipment , فرضی : Fabricated , کام کرنا : Function , ملا ہوا : Incorporate

Useful Words Definitions

Communicate: join or connect.

Failing: a flaw or weak point.

Communicate: transmit information ahead.

Failing: failure to reach a minimum required performance.

Communicate: transmit thoughts or feelings.

Arithmetic Mean: the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values.

Address: give a speech to.

Silent: marked by absence of sound.

Speak: exchange thoughts; talk with.

Animadvert: express one`s opinion openly and without fear or hesitation.

Dumb: unable to speak because of hereditary deafness.

As It Were: as if it were really so.

Speak Up: speak louder; raise one's voice.

Speak For: be a spokesperson for.

Silent Partner: a partner (who usually provides capital) whose association with the enterprise is not public knowledge.

Silent Butler: a small receptacle with a handle and a hinged lid; used for collecting crumbs or ashes.

Chip Away: remove or withdraw gradually:.

Carve: engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface.

Break Away: break off (a piece from a whole).

Dna Chip: a microchip that holds DNA probes that form half of the DNA double helix and can recognize DNA from samples being tested.

Bit: a small fragment of something broken off from the whole.

Chip In: contribute to some cause.

Chip: a thin crisp slice of potato fried in deep fat.

Carry: move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one`s hands or on one`s body.

Circuit: an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow.

Crystal: colorless glass made of almost pure silica.

Electronic: of or relating to electronics; concerned with or using devices that operate on principles governing the behavior of electrons.

Equipment: an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service.

Fabricated: formed or conceived by the imagination.

Function: perform as expected when applied.

Incorporate: formed or united into a whole.

Related Words

حساب کرنے والا آلہ : Computer , ایک قسم کا سرکٹ : Integrated Circuit , آواز کی غیر موجودگی : Quiet , شاعری : Poesy , خاموش : Incommunicative

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