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1) Cira, Continuity Army Council, Continuity Irish Republican Army : آئرلینڈ کی جنگجو تنظیم : (noun) a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein.


Useful Words

Sinn Fein : آئرلینڈ کی سیاسی تحریک جو قائم ہوئی ۱۹۰۵ میں برطانیہ سے آزادی کے لئے , Gonne : گونی , Uninterrupted : لگاتار , Irregular : غیر مستقل , Confused : بے ربط , Break : رکاوٹ , Discontinuity : انفصال , Rank : درجہ , Communist Party Of Kampuchea : کمبوڈیا کی عسکری تنظیم , Home Guard : رضاکاروں کا فوج , Defect : اپنی فوج چھوڑ کر دوسری میں شامل ہونا , Armed Forces : کسی قوم کی فوج , Aiai : شدت پسند گروہ , 15 May Organization : فلسطینی شدت پسند تنظیم , Abu Nidal Organization : ابو ندال تنظیم , 17 November : اشتراکی انقلابی جماعت , Ulama : عالم دین , 3rd October Organization : آرمینی عسکری تنظیم , Irish : آئرلینڈ کے لوگوں سے متعلق , German Army : جرمنی کی فوج , Artillery : بھاری اسلحہ استعمال کرنے والا فوجی دستہ , Squad : سب سے چھوٹا فوجی دستہ , British Army : برطانوی فوج , Go Around : دشمن کی فوج کو گھیر لینا , Cavalryman : سپاہی , Soldier : سپاہی , Brigade : تین سے پانچ ہزار فو جیوں کی جماعت , Enlisting : نئی بھرتی , Regiment : فوجی دستہ , Horse Cavalry : گھڑ سوار لشکر , Army Corps : فوجی دستہ

Useful Words Definitions

Sinn Fein: an Irish republican political movement founded in 1905 to promote independence from England and unification of Ireland; became the political branch of the Irish Republican Army.

Gonne: Irish patriot and a founder of the Sinn Fein (1865-1953).

Uninterrupted: having undisturbed continuity.

Irregular: lacking continuity or regularity.

Confused: lacking orderly continuity.

Break: an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity.

Discontinuity: lack of connection or continuity.

Rank: the ordinary members of an organization (such as the enlisted soldiers of an army).

Communist Party Of Kampuchea: a communist organization formed in Cambodia in 1970; became a terrorist organization in 1975 when it captured Phnom Penh and created a government that killed an estimated three million people; was defeated by Vietnamese troops but remained active until 1999.

Home Guard: a volunteer unit formed to defend the homeland while the regular army is fighting elsewhere.

Defect: desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army.

Armed Forces: armed forces are organized military units, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and more, tasked with safeguarding a nation`s security and interests, often through combat, defense, and peacekeeping operations.

Aiai: a fundamentalist Islamic group in Somalia who initially did fundraising for al-Qaeda; responsible for ambushing United States Army Rangers and for terrorist bombings in Ethiopia; believed to have branches in several countries.

15 May Organization: a terrorist organization formed in 1979 by a faction of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine but disbanded in the 1980s when key members left to join a faction of al-Fatah.

Abu Nidal Organization: a Palestinian international terrorist organization that split from the PLO in 1974; has conducted terrorist attacks in 20 countries.

17 November: a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization in Greece that is violently opposed to imperialism and capitalism and NATO and the United States; an active terrorist group during the 1980s.

Ulama: the body of Mullahs (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) who are the interpreters of Islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the Islamic community.

3rd October Organization: a militant Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization formed in 1975 to force Turkey to acknowledge killing more than a million Armenians and forcibly removing them from border areas in 1915; wants Turkey to pay reparations and cede territory to Armenia.

Irish: people of Ireland or of Irish extraction.

German Army: the army of the Germany.

Artillery: an army unit that uses big guns.

Squad: a smallest army unit.

British Army: the army of the United kingdom.

Go Around: go around the flank of (an opposing army).

Cavalryman: a soldier in a motorized army unit.

Soldier: an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army.

Brigade: army unit smaller than a division.

Enlisting: the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc.).

Regiment: army unit smaller than a division.

Horse Cavalry: an army unit mounted on horseback.

Army Corps: an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support.

Related Words

Act Of Terrorism : دہشت گردی , Eire : ائرلینڈ

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