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Classify meaning in Urdu

Classify Sentence

How would you classify these pottery shards are they prehistoric.

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Classify Definitions

1 of 2) Classify, Assort, Class, Separate, Sort, Sort Out : درجہ بندی کرنا, قسم بندی کرنا : (verb) arrange or order by classes or categories.

2 of 2) Classify, Relegate : قسم بندی کرنا : (verb) assign to a class or kind.

Useful Words

Data Processing : معلومات بندی , Unclassifiable : ناقابل درجہ بندی , Pigeonhole : چھاپ لگنا , Assortment : ترتیب , Compartmentalise : حصوں میں تقسیم کرنا , Zoological : حیوانی علم سے متعلق , Bourgeoisie : متوسط طبقہ , Alphabetise : حروف تہجی کے مطابق ترتیب دینا , Class Struggle : طبقاتی تنازع , Centrifugate : افزودہ کرنے کا آلہ , Sieve : چھاننا , Staff Sergeant : بری فوج کا ایک کمیشنڈ افسر جو سارجنٹ سے بڑا ہوتا ھے , Compartmental : منقسم , Bust : پھاڑنا , Classified : درجہ بند , Academic Session : جماعت کا وقت , Stratify : طبقہ بندی کرنا , Stratification : درجہ بندی , Sorter : چھانٹنے والی مشین , Middle-Class : متوسط طبقے کا یا اس کے متعلق , Arrange : سجانا , Roll : لپیٹنا , Serialise : اقساط سے چھاپنا , Heap : ڈھیر لگانا , Gradate : درجہ بندی کرنا , Heap Up : کثیر تعداد میں ترتیب دینا , Digest : یاداشت میں رکھنا , Book : مختص کرانا , Marriage Broker : شادی کرانے والا , Rig : دھاندلی کرنا , Wrap : ڈھانپنا

Useful Words Definitions

Data Processing: (computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information.

Unclassifiable: not possible to classify.

Pigeonhole: treat or classify according to a mental stereotype.

Assortment: the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type.

Compartmentalise: separate into isolated compartments or categories.

Zoological: Zoology is the branch of biology that focuses on the scientific study of animals. It encompasses the study of animal classification, structure, behavior, physiology, evolution, and ecology. Zoologists observe, classify, and analyze various aspects of animal life, ranging from individual organisms to entire populations and ecosystems..

Bourgeoisie: the social class between the lower and upper classes.

Alphabetise: arrange in alphabetical order.

Class Struggle: conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes).

Centrifugate: rotate at very high speed in order to separate the liquids from the solids.

Sieve: separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements.

Staff Sergeant: a noncommissioned officer ranking above corporal and below sergeant first class in the Army or Marines or above airman 1st class in the Air Force.

Compartmental: divided up into compartments or categories.

Bust: separate or cause to separate abruptly.

Classified: arranged into classes.

Academic Session: the time during which a school holds classes.

Stratify: divide society into social classes or castes.

Stratification: the act or process or arranging persons into classes or social strata.

Sorter: a machine for sorting things (such as punched cards or letters) into classes.

Middle-Class: occupying a socioeconomic position intermediate between those of the lower classes and the wealthy.

Arrange: arrange attractively.

Roll: arrange or or coil around.

Serialise: arrange serially.

Heap: arrange in stacks.

Gradate: arrange according to grades.

Heap Up: arrange into piles or stacks.

Digest: arrange and integrate in the mind.

Book: arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance.

Marriage Broker: someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others.

Rig: arrange the outcome of by means of deceit.

Wrap: arrange or fold as a cover or protection.

Related Words

Compare : موازنہ کرنا , Dichotomise : دو پر تقسیم کرنا

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