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Colloquialism   Meaning in Urdu

1. Colloquialism : عام بول چال : (Noun) A colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech.

Heavy Lifting - difficult work.

Characteristic - امتیاز - a distinguishing quality.

Colloquial, Conversational - غیر رسمی - characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation; "wrote her letters in a colloquial style".

Communication - مراسلہ - something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups.

Aspect, Expression, Face, Facial Expression, Look - چہرے کا تاثر - the feelings expressed on a person`s face; "A sad expression".

Copy, Imitate, Simulate - نقل کرنا - reproduce someone`s behavior or looks; "She imitates the teacher".

Informal - غیر رسمی - not formal; "conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress".

Look For, Search, Seek - تلاش کرنا - try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of; "Search it or get it searched".

Actor's Line, Speech, Words - بول - words making up the dialogue of a play; "the actor forgot his speech".

Spoken - زبانی - uttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination; "a spoken message".

Written - لکھا ہوا - set down in writing in any of various ways; "Miss, what is written here?".

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