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Combined meaning in Urdu

Combined Definitions

1) Combined : متحدہ : (adjective) made or joined or united into one.


Useful Words

Joint : جوڑ نا , Collectively : اجتماعی طور پر , Coalition : گٹھ جوڑ , Compounded : کیمیائی مرکب , Asininity : احمقانہ طور پر , Blended : ملا ہوا , Bizonal : دو خطی , Combination : ملاپ , Candy : مٹھائی , Adenosine : قدرتی کیمیاء , Hastinapura : ہندو نظم , Atomic Number 19 : پوٹاشیم , Connect : ملنا , Unification : اتحاد , Amalgamate : ملا ہوا , Colligation : ربط , Bring Together : ملانا , Unconnected : بے جوڑ , Connected : جڑا ہوا , Yoke : جوڑنا , Affiliated : وابستہ , Armpit : بغل , Affiliation : عمل الحاق , Cursive : ملے ملے حروف , Detached : الگ کیا ہوا , Conjugate : متصل , Seamless : بے جوڑ , Appendage : کوئی ذیلی حصہ , Co-Defendant : مشترک مدافع , United : متحدہ , Chorus : گانے کا وہ حصہ جو بار بار گایا جائے

Useful Words Definitions

Joint: united or combined.

Collectively: in conjunction with; combined.

Coalition: the state of being combined into one body.

Compounded: combined into or constituting a chemical compound.

Asininity: the quality of being asinine; stupidity combined with stubbornness.

Blended: combined or mixed together so that the constituent parts are indistinguishable.

Bizonal: relating to or concerned with the combined affairs of two administrative zones.

Combination: a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities.

Candy: a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts.

Adenosine: (biochemistry) a nucleoside that is a structural component of nucleic acids; it is present in all living cells in a combined form as a constituent of DNA and RNA and ADP and ATP and AMP.

Hastinapura: one of two classical Hindu epics; a great collection of poetry worked into and around a central heroic narrative (eight times as large as the Iliad and Odyssey combined).

Atomic Number 19: a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group; oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water; is abundant in nature in combined forms occurring in sea water and in carnallite and kainite and sylvite.

Connect: be or become joined or united or linked.

Unification: the state of being joined or united or linked.

Amalgamate: joined together into a whole.

Colligation: the state of being joined together.

Bring Together: cause to become joined or linked.

Unconnected: not joined or linked together.

Connected: joined or linked together.

Yoke: become joined or linked together.

Affiliated: being joined in close association.

Armpit: the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder.

Affiliation: the act of becoming formally connected or joined.

Cursive: having successive letter joined together.

Detached: no longer connected or joined.

Conjugate: joined together especially in a pair or pairs.

Seamless: not having or joined by a seam or seams.

Appendage: a part that is joined to something larger.

Co-Defendant: a defendant who has been joined together with one or more other defendants in a single action.

United: characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity.

Chorus: the part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers.

Related Words

Conglomerate : متفرق

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