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1 of 2) Come Through, Break Through : توڑ کر گھس جانا, گھس جانا : (verb) penetrate.

Related : Appear : come into sight or view.


2 of 2) Come Through, Bring Home The Bacon, Deliver The Goods, Succeed, Win : کامیاب ہو جانا, کامیاب ہونا : (verb) attain success or reach a desired goal.

Related : Pull Off : be successful; achieve a goal. Luck Out : succeed by luck. Pass : go successfully through a test or a selection process.

Useful Words

Break Up, Dissolve : ختم کرنا : bring the association of to an end or cause to break up. "The decree officially dissolved the marriage".

Bring Up, Nurture, Parent, Raise, Rear : پرورش کرنا : bring up. "Raise a family".

Collect, Pull In : ایک ساتھ لانا : get or bring together. "Accumulate evidence".

Initiate, Originate, Start : شروع ہونا : bring into being. "He initiated a new program".

Bear, Turn Out : دینا : bring forth,. "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year".

Come Up : ساتھ لانا : bring forth, usually something desirable. "The committee came up with some interesting recommendations".

Bring Forth, Produce : پیدا کرنا : bring forth or yield. "The tree would not produce fruit".

Bring, Land : لے جانا : bring into a different state. "This may land you in jail".

Bring Forth, Produce : دکھانے لانا : bring out for display. "The proud father produced many pictures of his baby".

Import : باہر سے لانا : bring in from abroad.

Rake Up : کسی چھپی ھوئی چیز کو پھر سے یاد کرنا اور قابل ذکر بنانا : bring to light. "He raked up the misdeeds of his predecessor".

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