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Consort meaning in Urdu

Consort Synonyms


Consort Definitions

1 of 3) Consort : میاں یا بیوی : (noun) the husband or wife of a reigning monarch.

2 of 3) Consort, Affiliate, Associate, Assort : منسلک, رہنا, دوستی کرنا : (verb) keep company with; hang out with.

Useful Words

Crown : بادشاہی , Queen Consort : بادشاہ کی بیگم , Sister-In-Law : نند , Uxoricide : بیوی کا اس کے خاوند کے ہاتھ سے قتل , Marital Bed : ازدواجی تعلق , Covert : بیوی کا میاں کی پناہ میں ہونا , Uxoricide : اپنی بیوی کا قاتل , Joint Return : میاں بیوی کا مشترکہ گوشوارہ , Conjugal : ازدواجی , House Husband : گھر سنبھالنے والا شوہر , Homemaker : گھریلو بیوی , Bonding : تعلق , Mother-In-Law : ساس , Queen Mother : مادر ملکہ , Abduction : اغواء , Shipmate : ایک ہی جہاز میں کام کرنے والا , Co-Worker : دفتر وغیرہ میں ساتھ کام کرنے والا , Couple : جوڑا , Roomie : ہم کمرہ , Aa : فن کی ڈگری , Ally : اتحادی , Bedfellow : عارضی ساتھی , Enthrone : تخت پر بٹھانا , Clannishness : گروہ بندی , Aas : اپلائڈ سائنس کی سند , Associateship : شراکت داری , Coronation : تاج پوشی کی تقریب , Throne : بادشاہ کی کرسی , Dethrone : اقتدار سے الگ کرنا , Reign : حکومت , Privy Purse : صرف شاہی

Useful Words Definitions

Crown: the Crown (or the reigning monarch) as the symbol of the power and authority of a monarchy.

Queen Consort: the wife of a reigning king.

Sister-In-Law: A sister-in-law is the sister of one`s spouse or the wife of one`s sibling. When two individuals get married, their respective siblings become related to each other through the marriage. The term "sister-in-law" is used to refer to the sister of the husband or wife in this context.

Uxoricide: the murder of a wife by her husband.

Marital Bed: the relationship between wife and husband.

Covert: (of a wife) being under the protection of her husband.

Uxoricide: a husband who murders his wife.

Joint Return: a return filed by a husband and wife.

Conjugal: of or relating to marriage or to the relationship between a wife and husband.

House Husband: a husband who keeps house while his wife earns the family income.

Homemaker: a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income.

Bonding: a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child).

Mother-In-Law: A mother-in-law is the mother of one`s spouse. When two people get married, their respective parents become related to each other through the marriage. The mother-in-law is the term used to refer to the mother of the husband or wife in this context.

Queen Mother: a queen dowager who is mother of the reigning sovereign.

Abduction: the criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force a family member; if a man`s wife is abducted it is a crime against the family relationship and against the wife.

Shipmate: an associate on the same ship with you.

Co-Worker: an associate that one works with.

Couple: a pair who associate with one another.

Roomie: an associate who shares a room with you.

Aa: an associate degree in arts.

Ally: an associate who provides cooperation or assistance.

Bedfellow: a temporary associate or friend.

Enthrone: put a monarch on the throne.

Clannishness: tendency to associate with only a select group.

Aas: an associate degree in applied science.

Associateship: the position of associate (as in an office or academy).

Coronation: the ceremony of installing a new monarch.

Throne: the chair of state for a monarch.

Dethrone: remove a monarch from the throne.

Reign: royal authority; the dominion of a monarch.

Privy Purse: allowance for a monarch's personal expenses.

Related Words

Better Half : ہم سفر , Interact : ایک دوسرے پر اثر ڈالنا , Date : ملاقات جاری رکھنا , Agree : ہم آہنگ ہونا , Blend : ملنا , Accompany : کسی کا ساتھی ہونا

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