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Contradiction meaning in Urdu

Contradiction Definitions

1) Contradiction : تضاد : (noun) opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas.


Useful Words

Belie : متصادم ہونا , Antinomy : تضاد , Conflict : تصادم , Disagreement : اختلاف , Cross-Check : دو رخی پڑتال کرنا , Hideki Yukawa : یوکاوا ماہر طبیعیات , At Sea : مذبذب , Hover : ڈگمگانا , Maelstrom : بھنور , Antagonise : مزاحمت کرنا , Unopposed : بلا مقابلہ , Adversary : مخالف , Oppose : مخالفت کرنا , Deter : حوصلہ شکنی کرنا , Contrary : الٹ , Antagonistic : مخالفانہ , Adversative : اختلاف , Con : برائی , Head-On : سامنے سے , Remonstrate : کسی چیز کی مخالفت میں دلائلٴ پیش کرنا , Discouragement : حوصلہ شکنی , Call : شور , Expostulation : مخالفت , Froward : نا فرمان , Yield : مخالفت ترک کر دینا , Conflict : تضاد , Resistance : حزب اختلاف , Polemic : حجت کرنے والا , Contrast : مخالف , Republican : جمہوری حکومت کا حامی , Contrast : موازنہ کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Belie: be in contradiction with.

Antinomy: a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable.

Conflict: a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests.

Disagreement: a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions.

Cross-Check: check out conflicting sources; crosscheck facts, for example.

Hideki Yukawa: Japanese mathematical physicist who proposed that nuclear forces are mediated by massive particles called mesons which are analogous to the photon in mediating electromagnetic forces (1907-1981).

At Sea: perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment.

Hover: be undecided about something; waver between conflicting positions or courses of action.

Maelstrom: a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides).

Antagonise: act in opposition to.

Unopposed: not having opposition or an opponent.

Adversary: someone who offers opposition.

Oppose: be against; express opposition to.

Deter: try to prevent; show opposition to.

Contrary: a relation of direct opposition.

Antagonistic: indicating opposition or resistance.

Adversative: expressing antithesis or opposition.

Con: in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc..

Head-On: in direct opposition; directly.

Remonstrate: argue in protest or opposition.

Discouragement: the expression of opposition and disapproval.

Call: a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition.

Expostulation: the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest.

Froward: habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition.

Yield: cease opposition; stop fighting.

Conflict: opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings.

Resistance: group action in opposition to those in power.

Polemic: a writer who argues in opposition to others (especially in theology).

Contrast: the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared.

Republican: an advocate of a republic (usually in opposition to a monarchy).

Contrast: put in opposition to show or emphasize differences.

Related Words

Oppositeness : تضاد

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