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تضاد : Tazad Meaning in English

Tazad in Sentences

There is an open discrepancy between the two nations.
You faced bad time but try and understand fortune is variant.

Tazad Synonyms


Tazad in Detail

1 of 7) تضاد : Antinomy : (noun) a contradiction between two statements that seem equally reasonable.

2 of 7) تضاد : Contradiction : (noun) opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas.

3 of 7) تضاد : Contrariety : (noun) the relation between contraries.

4 of 7) اختلاف تضاد عدم اتفاق : Disagreement Discrepancy Divergence Variance : (noun) a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions.

5 of 7) تضاد : Oppositeness Opposition : (noun) the relation between opposed entities.

6 of 7) تضاد : Conflict : (noun) opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings.

7 of 7) تضاد متضاد : Diametric Diametrical Opposite Polar : (satellite adjective) characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed.

Useful Words

اختلافی رائے : Adverse Opinion , اختلاف راۓ : Dissidence , متصادم ہونا : Belie , گمراہ ہونا : Depart , اوٹ پٹانگ : Absurdity , رفض : Heresy , بحث کرنا : Altercate , متصادم : At Odds , خاص مقدار : Parameter , تنازع : Conflict , بحث : Arguing , ایک ہی طرح : Alike , مختلف نکات کا موازنہ : Collation , دو گرپوں میں اختلاف ہونا : Divide , قیاساً : Presumably , ضرورت سے زیادہ : Immoderate , بیچ : Center , دو ہتھیا : Ambidextrous , معقول ہونا : Add Up , غیر معقول طور پر : Unreasonably , گمان : Presumptive , بظاہر معقول : Plausible , کالج کا : Collegial , معقول طور پر : Reasonably , مناسب : Moderate , دلائل پیش کرنا : Justify , جواز : Justification , برابری : Equality , بکواس : Rigamarole , کسی کے خلاف بدنام کن تحریر کی اشاعت کروانا : Libel , لا پروائی : Carelessness

Useful Words Definitions

Adverse Opinion: an opinion concerning financial statements (usually based on an audit by a CPA) that the statements as a whole do not present results fairly or are not in conformity with the generally accepted accounting practices of the United States.

Dissidence: disagreement; especially disagreement with the government.

Belie: be in contradiction with.

Depart: be at variance with; be out of line with.

Absurdity: a message whose content is at variance with reason.

Heresy: any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position.

Altercate: have a disagreement over something.

At Odds: in disagreement.

Parameter: a quantity (such as the mean or variance) that characterizes a statistical population and that can be estimated by calculations from sample data.

Conflict: a disagreement or argument about something important.

Arguing: a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement.

Alike: equally.

Collation: careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement.

Divide: a serious disagreement between two groups of people (typically producing tension or hostility).

Presumably: by reasonable assumption.

Immoderate: beyond reasonable limits.

Center: equally distant from the extremes.

Ambidextrous: equally skillful with each hand.

Add Up: be reasonable or logical or comprehensible.

Unreasonably: not in a reasonable or intelligent manner.

Presumptive: having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance.

Plausible: apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful.

Collegial: characterized by or having authority vested equally among colleagues.

Reasonably: with good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner.

Moderate: being within reasonable or average limits; not excessive or extreme.

Justify: show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for.

Justification: something (such as a fact or circumstance) that shows an action to be reasonable or necessary.

Equality: a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced.

Rigamarole: a set of confused and meaningless statements.

Libel: print slanderous statements against.

Carelessness: failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances.

Related Words

تعلق : Relation , اختلاف : Difference , چھوٹ : Allowance , دو جذبیت : Ambivalence , مقابل : Antipode , متضاد : Antithesis , مخالف : Contrast , مختلف : Different

Close Words

تضادیت : Contradictoriness , تضاد کے ساتھ : Contradictorily

Close Words Definitions

Contradictoriness: the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist.

Contradictorily: in a contradictory manner.

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