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Inkar : اِنکار

1. Rebuff, Slight : انکار : (noun) a deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval).

2. Denial, Disaffirmation : انکار - تردید : (noun) the act of asserting that something alleged is not true.

3. Abnegation : انکار : (noun) the denial and rejection of a doctrine or belief.

4. No : انکار - منفی : (noun) a negative.

5. Rebuff, Repel, Snub : انکار - دھتکار - رد کرنا : (verb) reject outright and bluntly.

6. Condemn, Decry, Excoriate, Objurgate, Reprobate : انکار - مذمت کرنا - پسند نہ آنا : (verb) express strong disapproval of.

7. Holdout : انکار : (noun) a refusal by a negotiator to come to terms in the hope of obtaining a better deal.

Harkat, Kam, Fail : Act : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Cheray Ka Tasur, Tasur : Expression : the feelings expressed on a person`s face. "A sad expression"

Nafrat Karna : Disapproval : an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group.

Jumlah : Expression : a group of words that form a constituent of a sentence and are considered as a single unit. "I concluded from his awkward constructions that he was a foreigner"

Qanoon : Act : a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body.

Izhar : Expression : expression without words. "Tears are an expression of grief"

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