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Cookery meaning in Urdu

Cookery Sentence

People are needed who have experience in cookery.

Cookery Synonyms


Cookery Definitions

1) Cookery, Cooking, Preparation : کھانا پکانا, پکانے کا ہنر : (noun) the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat.

Useful Words

Gastronomy : کھانا پکانے کا انداز , Ghee : گھی , Herb : خوشبودار بوٹی , Curry : شوربا , Hyssop : ایک قسم کا پودا , Golden Gram : مونگ کی دال , Cuisine : کھانا پکانے کا طریقہ , Comfort Food : اچھا کھانا , Kitchen Utensil : باورچی خانے کا سامان , Cooked : پکا ہوا , Calorie : حرارت کی اکائی , Gastronomy : کھانا پکانے کا فن , Haute Cuisine : کھانا پکانے کا طریقہ , Microwave : ایک چولہا , Cultivation : زراعت , Caboose : جہاز کا باورچی خانہ , Dietetics : غذائیات , Bruise : کوٹنا , Galley : ہوائی جہاز وغیرہ کا باورچی خانہ , Handi : ہانڈی , Cooking Stove : چولہا , Fixings : کھانے کے اجزا , Poacher : انڈے پکانے والا برتن , Hot Plate : گرم تھالی , Griddle : توا , Food Turner : کفگیر نما چمچہ , Pasteurise : گرمائش سے جراثیم کو مارنا , Heat Pump : حرارت کا پمپ , Hot : گرم , Conceptualism : تصوراتی دنیا , Warm : گرم

Useful Words Definitions

Gastronomy: a particular style of cookery (as of a region).

Ghee: clarified butter used in Indian cookery.

Herb: aromatic potherb used in cookery for its savory qualities.

Curry: (East Indian cookery) a pungent dish of vegetables or meats flavored with curry powder and usually eaten with rice.

Hyssop: a European mint with aromatic and pungent leaves used in perfumery and as a seasoning in cookery; often cultivated as a remedy for bruises; yields hyssop oil.

Golden Gram: erect bushy annual widely cultivated in warm regions of India and Indonesia and United States for forage and especially its edible seeds; chief source of bean sprouts used in Chinese cookery; sometimes placed in genus Phaseolus.

Cuisine: the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared.

Comfort Food: food that is simply prepared and gives a sense of wellbeing; typically food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content that is associated with childhood or with home cooking.

Kitchen Utensil: a utensil used in preparing food.

Cooked: having been prepared for eating by the application of heat.

Calorie: a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food.

Gastronomy: the art and practice of choosing and preparing and eating good food.

Haute Cuisine: (French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food.

Microwave: kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food.

Cultivation: (agriculture) production of food by preparing the land to grow crops (especially on a large scale).

Caboose: the area for food preparation on a ship.

Dietetics: the scientific study of food preparation and intake.

Bruise: break up into small pieces for food preparation.

Galley: the kitchen area for food preparation on an airliner.

Handi: a cooking pot in which food is cooked.

Cooking Stove: a kitchen appliance used for cooking food.

Fixings: food that is a component of a mixture in cooking.

Poacher: a cooking vessel designed to poach food (such as fish or eggs).

Hot Plate: a portable electric appliance for heating or cooking or keeping food warm.

Griddle: cooking utensil consisting of a flat heated surface (as on top of a stove) on which food is cooked.

Food Turner: cooking utensil having a flat flexible part and a long handle; used for turning or serving food.

Pasteurise: heat food in order to kill harmful microorganisms.

Heat Pump: apparatus that extracts heat from a liquid that is at a higher temperature than its surroundings; can be used to transfer heat from a reservoir outside in order to heat a building.

Hot: used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning.

Conceptualism: the doctrine that the application of a general term to various objects indicates the existence of a mental entity that mediates the application.

Warm: having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat.

Related Words

Browning : بہوننا , Boiling : ابال

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