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1) Cookhouse, Caboose, Galley, Ship's Galley : جہاز کا باورچی خانہ, بحری جہاز کا باورچی خانہ : (noun) the area for food preparation on a ship.

Related : Cuddy : the galley or pantry of a small ship. Kitchen : a room equipped for preparing meals. Ship : a vessel that carries passengers or freight.

Useful Words

Area, Country : علاقہ : a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography). "It was a mountainous area".

Food, Solid Food : کھانا : any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment. "What`s for food ?".

Preparation, Readying : تیاری : the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose. "What about preparation?".

Ship : بحری جہاز : a vessel that carries passengers or freight.

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