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Correlative conjunctions.

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1 of 3) Correlative, Correlate : لازم و ملزوم, ایک دوسرے سے وابستہ : (noun) either of two or more related or complementary variables.

2 of 3) Correlative, Correlate, Correlated : متعلقہ, باہمی رشتہ : (satellite adjective) mutually related.

3 of 3) Correlative : برابری کا تعلق : (satellite adjective) expressing a reciprocal or complementary relation.

Useful Words

Opposite : مخالف , Correlate : برابری کا تعلق رکھنا , Cdna : تکمیلی ڈی این اے , Quantic : متعدد قدری , Bilinear : دو خطی , Index : اشاریہ , Diagram : شکل , Correlation : باہمی رشتہ , Affined : وابستہ , Akin : خونی رشتہ دار , Actinometric : تابکاری کی جانچ سے متعلق , Cognate : فطری , Migrational : مہاجرانہ , Homonymic : ہم آواز , Relational : نسبتی , Agrologic : زرعی حیاتیات سے متعلق , Side By Side : ساتھ ساتھ , Achondritic : شہابی , Drupaceous : گٹھلی دار , Acetylenic : ایکٹلین سے متعلق , Specialistic : خصوصی مہارت کا , Anaglyphic : نقشی , Mediatory : مصالحتی , Contrastive : مخالف , Agnate : باپ دادا کی طرف سے , Blood Kinship : خونی رشتہ داری , Actinia : سمندری کیڑا , Enate : ننھیال , Agnate : جدی رشتہ دار , Acidimetric : تیزاب کی جانچ کا , Amygdaline : بادامی

Useful Words Definitions

Opposite: the other one of a complementary pair.

Correlate: bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation.

Cdna: single-stranded DNA that is complementary to messenger RNA or DNA that has been synthesized from messenger RNA by reverse transcriptase.

Quantic: a homogeneous polynomial having at least two variables.

Bilinear: linear with respect to each of two variables or positions.

Index: a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number.

Diagram: make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed.

Correlation: a statistical relation between two or more variables such that systematic changes in the value of one variable are accompanied by systematic changes in the other.

Affined: closely related.

Akin: related by blood.

Actinometric: of or related to actinometry.

Cognate: related in nature.

Migrational: of or related to migration.

Homonymic: of or related to or being homonyms.

Relational: having a relation or being related.

Agrologic: of or related to agrology.

Side By Side: closely related or associated.

Achondritic: of or related to an achondrite.

Drupaceous: of or related to a drupe.

Acetylenic: of or related to acetylene.

Specialistic: of or related to or characteristic of specialists.

Anaglyphic: related to anaglyphs or anaglyphy.

Mediatory: of or related to or directed toward mediation.

Contrastive: of words so related that one contrasts with the other.

Agnate: related on the father's side.

Blood Kinship: (anthropology) related by blood.

Actinia: any sea anemone or related animal.

Enate: related on the mother`s side.

Agnate: one related on the father's side.

Acidimetric: involving or related to acidimetry.

Amygdaline: related to or resembling an almond.

Related Words

Grammar : گرامر , Mutual : باہمی