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Council meaning in Urdu

Council Sentences

Student council.
Emergency council.

Council Definitions

1 of 2) Council : جماعت : (noun) a body serving in an administrative capacity.


2 of 2) Council : شوری : (noun) a meeting of people for consultation.

Useful Words

Alderman : ضلع کی کونسل کا رکن , Privy Council : ذاتی مشیروں کی منتخب جماعت , Council Member : شوری کا کن , Councilman : شوری کا کن , Councillorship : شوری کی رکنیت , Sc : سکیورٹی کونسل , Administer : چلانا , Soviet : روس کی حکومت , Aclant : نیٹو کا اہم فوجی اڈاہ , Hierarchy : تنظیمی ڈھانچہ , Administrative Law : انتظامی قانون , Operculum : ڈھکنا , Tureen : سالن کا ڈونگا , Dinnerware : رات کے کھانے والے برتن , Tea Cart : چائے کی ٹرالی , Agency : دفتر , Administrative Body : انتظامی ادارہ , Board Meeting : انتظامی ملاقات , Town : قصبہ , District : ضلع , Canton : ضلع , Borough : قصبہ , Administrative District : انتظامی علاقہ , Local Authority : لوکل حکومت , Communal : علاقائی , Secretary : کسی تنظیم یا ادارے کا افسر , Adjutant General : اعلی انتظامی افسر , Chamber : ایوان , Commune : قصبہ , Authority : مقتدر , Central Office : صدر دفتر

Useful Words Definitions

Alderman: a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council).

Privy Council: The Privy Council (especially to the British Crown) is a formal advisory body to a monarch or head of state, often composed of senior government officials or advisors, offering counsel on important matters of governance and policy.

Council Member: a member of a council.

Councilman: a man who is a council member.

Councillorship: the position of council member.

Sc: a permanent council of the United Nations; responsible for preserving world peace.

Administer: work in an administrative capacity; supervise or be in charge of.

Soviet: an elected governmental council in a communist country (especially one that is a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Aclant: a major strategic headquarters of NATO located in the United States; is under the authority of the North Atlantic Council.

Hierarchy: the organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body.

Administrative Law: the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government.

Operculum: a hard flap serving as a cover for (a) the gill slits in fishes or (b) the opening of the shell in certain gastropods when the body is retracted.

Tureen: large deep serving dish with a cover; for serving soups and stews.

Dinnerware: the tableware (plates and platters and serving bowls etc.) used in serving a meal.

Tea Cart: serving cart for serving tea or light refreshments.

Agency: an administrative unit of government.

Administrative Body: a unit with administrative responsibilities.

Board Meeting: a meeting for administrative purposes.

Town: an administrative division of a county.

District: a region marked off for administrative or other purposes.

Canton: a small administrative division of a country.

Borough: one of the administrative divisions of a large city.

Administrative District: a district defined for administrative purposes.

Local Authority: an administrative unit of local government.

Communal: relating to a small administrative district or community.

Secretary: a person who is head of an administrative department of government.

Adjutant General: a general's adjutant; chief administrative officer.

Chamber: a deliberative or legislative or administrative or judicial assembly.

Commune: the smallest administrative district of several European countries.

Authority: (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others.

Central Office: (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise.

Related Words

Group Meeting : اجلاس

Council in Book Titles

The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon.
UN Security Council: Practice and Promise.
The Works Council A German Experiment In Industrial Democracy.
Yahweh`s Council: Its Structure and Membership.
The Gulf Cooperation Council: Record and Analysis.

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