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ڈانٹنا : Daantna Meaning in English

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1 of 3) ڈانٹنا : Bawl Out Berate Call Down Call On The Carpet Chew Out Chew Up Chide Dress Down Have Words Jaw Lambast Lambaste Lecture Rag Rebuke Remonstrate Reprimand Reproof Scold Take To Task Trounce : (verb) censure severely or angrily.

Related : Objurgate : censure severely. Tell Off : reprimand. Pick Apart : find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.


2 of 3) کھری کھری سنانا سنانا ڈانٹنا : Brush Down Tell Off : (verb) reprimand.

Related : Trounce : censure severely or angrily.

3 of 3) ڈانٹنا تنبیہ کرنا : Admonish Reprove : (verb) take to task.

Related : Pick Apart : find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.

Useful Words

ملامت : Rebuke, Reprehension, Reprimand, Reproof, Reproval : an act or expression of criticism and censure. "She rebuked me for no reason".

جھڑکنا : Admonishment, Admonition, Monition : a firm rebuke.

ڈانٹ : Berating, Blowing Up : a severe rebuke. "He deserved the berating that the coach gave him".

مذمت کرنا : Censure, Criminate, Reprimand : rebuke formally. "Who are you to censure me ?".

سرزنش : Chastening, Chastisement, Correction : a rebuke for making a mistake.

قابل نفرت : Condemnable, Criminal, Deplorable, Reprehensible, Vicious : bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure. "A criminal waste of talent".

ڈانٹ ڈپٹ کرنا : Reproach : a mild rebuke or criticism. "Words of reproach".

سرزش کرنا : Castigate, Chasten, Chastise, Correct, Objurgate : censure severely. "She chastised him for his insensitive remarks".

جھگڑالو : Wrangler : someone who argues noisily or angrily.

لڑنا جھگڑنا : Brawl, Wrangle : to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively. "The bar keeper threw them out, but they continued to wrangle on down the street".

سزا پر مبنی : Condemnatory, Condemning : containing or imposing condemnation or censure. "A condemnatory decree".

تنقید اور مذمت کے خلاف دفاع کرنے کا عمل : Exoneration, Vindication : the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.. "Friends provided a vindication of his position".

عیب جو : Censorious : harshly critical or expressing censure. "Was censorious of petty failings".

قابل سزا انداز سے : Culpably, Reprehensibly : in a manner or to a degree deserving blame or censure.

قابل گرفت : Blamable, Blameable, Blameful, Blameworthy, Censurable, Culpable : deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious. "Blameworthy if not criminal behavior".

شدید تنقید کرنا : Fulminate, Rail : criticize severely. "He fulminated against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare".

تباہ کن : Cataclysmal, Cataclysmic : severely destructive. "Cataclysmic nuclear war".

سادہ : Austere, Severe, Stark, Stern : severely simple. "A stark interior".

قالین کے نیچے رکھنے کا پیڈ : Carpet Pad, Rug Pad, Underlay, Underlayment : a pad placed under a carpet.

ڈنڈے سے مارنا : Flog, Lash, Lather, Slash, Strap, Trounce, Welt, Whip : beat severely with a whip or rod. "The teacher often flogged the students".

تباہ کرنا : Mar, Mutilate : destroy or injure severely. "Mutilated bodies".

یلغار : Crackdown : severely repressive actions. "Crackdown against smuggling".

سزا دینا : Scourge : punish severely; excoriate.

ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا : Cut Up, Mangle, Mutilate : destroy or injure severely. "The madman mutilates art work".

گالی : Invective, Vitriol, Vituperation : abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will. "As they fight they exchange invectives and threats".

مشکل : Rugged, Tough : very difficult; severely testing stamina or resolution. "A rugged competitive examination".

لگانا : Brush On : apply with a brush. "Brush butter on the roast".

برش سے صاف کرنا : Brush : clean with a brush. "She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet".

سجا ہوا کنارا : Selvage, Selvedge : border consisting of an ornamental fringe at either end of an oriental carpet.

آتش دان کی چادر : Hearthrug : a rug spread out in front of a fireplace to protect the carpet or floor. "The new alternative to a traditional cloth hearthrug is one made with fiberglass".

کنگھا : Hairbrush : a brush used to groom a person's hair.

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