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Dress Down  

1. Dress Down, Bawl Out, Berate, Call Down, Call On The Carpet, Chew Out, Chew Up, Chide, Have Words, Jaw, Lambast, Lambaste, Lecture, Rag, Rebuke, Remonstrate, Reprimand, Reproof, Scold, Take To Task, Trounce : ڈانٹنا : (Verb) Censure severely or angrily.

I dressed him down.
Who scolded you ?+ More

Castigate, Chasten, Chastise, Correct, Objurgate - censure severely.

Angrily - غصے سے - with anger; "he angrily denied the accusation".

Animadversion, Censure - مذمت - harsh criticism or disapproval.

Badly, Gravely, Seriously, Severely - بری طرح - to a severe or serious degree; "fingers so badly frozen they had to be amputated".

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