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داو پر لگانا : Dao Par Lagana Meaning in English

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1 of 3) داو پر لگانا : Adventure Hazard Jeopardize Stake Venture : (verb) put at risk.

Related : Risk : expose to a chance of loss or damage.


2 of 3) داو پر لگانا : Ante : (verb) place one's stake.

Related : Cards : a game played with playing cards. Stake : place a bet on.

3 of 3) داو پر لگانا : Bet Play Wager : (verb) stake on the outcome of an issue.

Related : Gamble : play games for money. Stake : place a bet on.

Useful Words

داو پر : At Stake : to be won or lost; at risk. "Perhaps a million dollars are at stake".

کاروباری مفاد : Interest, Stake : (law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something. "They have interests all over the world".

وہ گھڑ دوڑ جس میں مالک روپے فراہم کرتا ھے : Stake Race : a horse race in which part of the prize is put up by the owners of the horses in the race.

جڑنا : Empale, Impale, Spike, Transfix : pierce with a sharp stake or point. "Impale a shrimp on a skewer".

کھوٹے میں چھلا ڈالنے کا کھیل : Horseshoes, Quoits : a game in which iron rings (or open iron rings) are thrown at a stake in the ground in the hope of encircling it.

میخوں سے ٹہونکنے کا عمل : Impalement : the act of piercing with a sharpened stake as a form of punishment or torture.

شرط : Parlay : a series of wagers in which the winnings from one wager are used as a stake for the subsequent wagers.

منتظم : Enterpriser, Entrepreneur : someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it. "A big enterpriser".

تاش جوئے کا ایک کھیل : Boodle, Chicago, Michigan, Newmarket, Stops : a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card.

کوئی والا کام جس میں کامیابی کی امید کم ہو : Long Shot : a venture that involves great risk but promises great rewards.

جوکھم کا سودا کرنے والا : Merchant-Venturer, Venturer : a merchant who undertakes a trading venture (especially a venture that sends goods overseas).

کارڈ کا ایک کھیل : Beggar-My-Neighbor, Beggar-My-Neighbour, Strip-Jack-Naked : a card game for two players in which the object is to win all of the other player`s cards.

تاش کے کھیل کا نام : All Fours, High-Low-Jack : card games in which points are won for taking the high or low or jack or game.

تاش کا کھیل : Baccarat, Chemin De Fer : a card game played in casinos in which two or more punters gamble against the banker; the player wins who holds 2 or 3 cards that total closest to nine.

تاش کا ایک کھیل : Bezique, Penuchle, Pinochle, Pinocle : a card game played with a pack of forty-eight cards (two of each suit for high cards); play resembles whist.

نقطہ آغاز : Scratch, Scratch Line, Start, Starting Line : a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game. "Starting line was good".

جوکھ بھرا : Sporting : involving risk or willingness to take a risk. "A sporting chance".

لان میں کھیلا جانے والا تینس : Lawn Tennis, Tennis : a game played with rackets by two or four players who hit a ball back and forth over a net that divides the court.

پتے باز : Card Shark, Card Sharp, Card Sharper, Cardsharp, Cardsharper, Sharper, Sharpie, Sharpy : a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games.

دوہری بیمہ کاری : Reinsurance : sharing the risk by insurance companies; part or all of the insurer's risk is assumed by other companies in return for part of the premium paid by the insured. "Reinsurance enables a client to get coverage that would be too great for any one company to assume".

پیلدوج : Hopscotch : a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone.

چہرے کے داغ وغیرہ دور کرنے کے لئے سرجری کروانا : Cosmetic Surgery, Face Lift, Face Lifting, Facelift, Lift, Nip And Tuck, Rhytidectomy, Rhytidoplasty : plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised. "Some actresses have more than one face lift".

جوکھ بھرا : Crapshoot : a risky and uncertain venture. "Getting admitted to the college of your choice has become a crapshoot".

بے باک : Audacious, Daring, Venturesome, Venturous : disposed to venture or take risks. "Audacious visions of the total conquest of space".

شراکت داری : Partnership : the members of a business venture created by contract.

سفر کے لیے دعائیہ کلمات : Bon Voyage, Send-Off : an organized expression of goodwill at the start of a trip or new venture. "Bon voyage on google".

نشانہ باز چکی : Quoit : game equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game of quoits.

تاجروں کو تجارتی قرضے دینے والا بینک : Acquirer, Merchant Bank : a credit card processing bank; merchants receive credit for credit card receipts less a processing fee.

فیل مرغ : Curassow : large crested arboreal game bird of warm parts of the Americas having long legs and tails; highly esteemed as game and food.

ایک قسم کا رقص : Do-Si-Do : a square-dance figure; two dancers approach each other and circle back to back before returning to their original places.

سیکرم اور لمبر مہروں کے متعلق : Lumbosacral : of or relating to or near the small of the back and the back part of the pelvis between the hips.

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