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Dazzle meaning in Urdu

Dazzle Sentences

She was dazzled by the bright headlights.
Her arguments dazzled everyone.

Dazzle Synonyms


Dazzle Definitions

1 of 3) Dazzle : رونق : (noun) brightness enough to blind partially and temporarily.

2 of 3) Dazzle, Bedazzle, Daze : آنکھیں چندھیا جانا : (verb) to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light.

3 of 3) Dazzle : اپنی مہارت سے حیران کرنا : (verb) amaze or bewilder, as with brilliant wit or intellect or skill.

The dancer dazzled the audience with his turns and jumps.

Useful Words

Dazedly : بدحواسی سے , Bright : چمک کے ساتھ , Stone-Blind : بالکل اندھا , Seeing : بینا , Brown : خاکی رنگ , Tinsel : بھڑکیلا , Guide Dog : نابینا کی رہنمائی کرنے والا تربیت یافتہ کتا , Drab : تاریک , Curtain : پردہ , Blindness : اندھا پن , Blind : آنکھیں نکال دینا , Pale : مدھم , Scintillation : چمکنا , Abacinate : دھکتی سلاخ سے اندھا کرنا , Light : چمک , Exemption : چھوٹ , Monochromacy : رنگوندہا پن , Blaze : چمک , Venetian Blind : جھلملی , Talking Book : بولتی کتاب , Faint : کمزور , Semiautomatic : نیم خود کار , Semiopaque : نیم شفاف , Anguis Fragilis : لمبا سا سست کیڑا , Half-Eaten : جھوٹا کھانا , Crack : چٹخانا , Bud : کھلتا پہول , Slush : پگلی ہوئی برف , Hoder : اندھا دیوتا , Catachresis : تحریف لفظی , Deshabille : ناکافی ملبوس

Useful Words Definitions

Dazedly: in a daze; in a dazed manner.

Bright: with brightness.

Stone-Blind: completely blind.

Seeing: having vision, not blind.

Brown: an orange of low brightness and saturation.

Tinsel: impart a cheap brightness to.

Guide Dog: a dog trained to guide the blind.

Drab: lacking brightness or color; dull.

Curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window).

Blindness: the state of being blind or lacking sight.

Blind: make blind by putting the eyes out.

Pale: (of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble.

Scintillation: a rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash.

Abacinate: blind by holding a red-hot metal plate before someone's eyes.

Light: merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance.

Exemption: a deduction allowed to a taxpayer because of his status (having certain dependents or being blind or being over 65 etc.).

Monochromacy: complete color blindness; colors can be differentiated only on the basis of brightness.

Blaze: a light within the field of vision that is brighter than the brightness to which the eyes are adapted.

Venetian Blind: a window blind made of horizontal strips that overlap when closed.

Talking Book: sound recording of someone reading a book; frequently used by blind people.

Faint: deficient in magnitude; barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc.

Semiautomatic: partially automatic.

Semiopaque: partially opaque.

Anguis Fragilis: small burrowing legless European lizard with tiny eyes; popularly believed to be blind.

Half-Eaten: partially consumed food.

Crack: break partially but keep its integrity.

Bud: a partially opened flower.

Slush: partially melted snow.

Hoder: (Norse mythology) a blind god; misled by Loki, he kills his brother Balder by throwing a shaft of mistletoe.

Catachresis: strained or paradoxical use of words either in error (as `blatant' to mean `flagrant') or deliberately (as in a mixed metaphor: `blind mouths').

Deshabille: the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.

Related Words

Amaze : اچنبھے میں ڈالنا , Blind : اندھا کرنا

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